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This model of electric scrap wire stripper applies to most types of electric wires and cables, copper clad aluminum wires, steel wires, etc. Stable performance, convenient and easy operation, efficien
Electric Scrap Wire Stripping machine FS-918KOB This model of electric scrap wire stripper is widely used for all types of electric wire, high pressure electric cable,optimic cable. it can be proce
This copper wire stripping machine has multiple stripping channels for different wire sizes, you only need to put the wires into a suitable channel, the upper blade and bottom blade will slash open th
we have in stock 100 MT of scrap mobile phones of all marks. if interested please contact for more information
MARS Series provide a different way to handle the foam compressing by melting.
GreenMax APOLO Series can reduce the volume of Styrofoam waste up to 50:1.