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Product Description: BPHB - the whole set of BB (bulk blending) fertilizer blending equipment, also referred to as floor-batching fertilizer blending line, is a kind of utility-type equipment with th
Deoxygenation Equipment through Hydrogenation The deoxygenation equipment through hydrogenation makes use of common purity nitrogen as the taw material and through deoxygenation by hydrogenation acco
Function: Ventilaton and cooling Application model: Industry Absorption model: Naturally Color: Brown, black, brown and green, one coated black Type: 7090, 5090 ,6090 Used in poultry farm, greenh
Color, Silver Widely used, Greenhouse/poultry house/industrial Frame, Stainless steel or galvanized sheet Motor, Chinese brand or siemens motor Type, Motor and belt drive exhaust fan operation
HN series Bone crushers re suitable for fresh/frozen animal bones as beef bones, sheep bones, chicken bones and fish bones. The feeding bones can be 5-80mm; final products are applied to sausage, hotd
SZLH series feed pellet machine (pellet press) is high precision gear drive ring die feed pellet machine, this machine has stainless steel conditioner,with frequency speed control,use Switzerland “SK
It can used in all kinds of large,middle and small farms to make feed pellet to feeding animals,for raw materials,it can be grain,such as wheat,corn,maize,etc,and some grass,straw also can be applied