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  Zouping Sanli Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company engaged in the retail and wholesale of petroleum, textiles, greases and chemicals. The Group has registered capital of 100 million RMB yuan, total assets of 680 million RMB as well as over 2,500 employees and an occupied floor space of more than 1,000mu. In 2006, we achieved a sales income of 1.2 billion RMB. The Group has the following subsidiaries:Zouping Sanli Textile Co., Ltd., Zouping Sanli Petroleum Co., Ltd., Zouping Dali Grease Industrial Co., Ltd., Zouping Sanli Cotton Industry Co., Ltd., Zouping Dali Chemical Co., Ltd., Zouping Sanli Coal Co., Ltd. and Zouping Sanli Transportation Co., Ltd.

  Zouping Sanli Textile Co., Ltd. is a yarn spinning enterprise located in Zouping Mazhuang development zone, with 2060 employees. At present, we are"The key leading company in the industrialization of agriculture" of Binzhou government and one of "1092 developing medium & small companies" of Shandong province. In 2006, we are the "AAA"& "AA+"company of Shandong branch, ABC and Shandong branch, ICBC; Moreover, we are the"Trusted company" of credit cooperatives, "Trusted company" of industry & commerce bureau and "Good company" of local government. We now have 260,000 spindles, and products are mainly sold to Jiangsu, Shanghai and Gaugnzhou. We have established long-term business relationships with our customers, products are just falling short of demand, and the produce-and-sale ratio of products reached 100%. In 2006, we produced 25,000 tons of cotton yarns, the produce-and-sale ratio of products reached 100%, and we were approved by the ISO9001 Quality Management System. The company has self-support imp. & exp. power.

  Zouping Sanli Petroleum Co., Ltd. is a private petroleum products trader in Mazhuang development zone, with a land of 186 mu, 3 petrol stations, 15 trucks, one 1,0000 tons of oil depot and 109 employees. Upholding such tenet of "Quality first, Excellent service, Customers first, Honest business", we have became the oil supplier of famous companies in Zouping city. Up to now, we have become the appointed oil supply company and got a lot of honors from local government, including "Trusted company", "Top-10 customers-satisfied petrol station", "Measure qualified company"and "A grade tax payer".

  Zouping Dali Grease Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Matou township development zone, we are the manufacturer of edible greases. With the development of people's live standards, we are working hard to expand our business into the depth process of agricultural products and develop more top-grade products. We aim to be a leading company with large market share. Currently, upholding such tenet of "To get further development by quality product and honest business", we are striving to developing our business steadily and quickly.

  Zouping Sanli Group Co., Ltd. now has owned a series of production lines(including cotton, the purchase of waste cotton, cotton process, air-jet spinning, frame spinning, grease manufacturing). At present, following the market demand and led by the development of new products, we are working hard to improve the quality and producing method; Meanwhile, basing our excellent strength and following such policy of "To take effects in step by step, To develop our company in rolling way", and taking the top-grade products as development direction and starting our business from the view of the large international market, we are striving to take part in the market competition and realize the scale economy. Through adopting leading equipment, production line and latest technology, we are working hard to adjust product structure & industry structure, we aim to be a leading private enterprise group.

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Zouping Sanli Group Co., Ltd.
Matou township development zone, Zouping, China