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Application of musical movement: musical movement is a kind of mechanism utilizing mechanical vibration to produce music, is the key matching product of various gifts and tools. It has been widely applied in many fields such as handicraft, gift box, plastics toys, plush toys, resin handicraft, ceramic handicraft, glass handicraft, woodwork, jewel box, lamps, festival gifts, jewelry gifts, crystal balls, and so on.   The origin of the music box can ascend to the Renaissance age. At that time, in order to givethe correct time with the bell tower of the church, the mechanic device is installed on every small or big bells, called" sound-made group bells". In 1598, an Italian Protestantism missionary came to Beijing for the first time. The presents with him included an Octo-tone instrument. With various invention and innovation, the Swiss was enlightened from the theory of puppet automatic bell and invented a wonderful mechanism – mechanical bird-sing bell.    In 1796, the invention of Geneva clock craftsman brought revolutionary change to the mechanical music box. It made the size of the music box become as small as possible and continued its successful development in the coming century. In 1870, Germany inventor innovated the disc-type music box.. Early seventeen century, the industry of music box exceeded the industries of watch and clock manufacture and bud-silk sewing and became the biggest one. It made a small town in Switzerland famous all over the world. After the Second World War, Japanese began to pay great attention and endeavor to the music box industry. In 1992, the first Octo-tone instrument with self-owned intellectual property. right by Chinese was made by Ningbo Yunsheng (Group) Co., Ltd.
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