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Pleated Carbon Filters Supply Fresh Air
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Sandwich Activated Carbon Cloth - PP and Needle-Punched Sandwich activated carbon cloth is also called activated carbon cloth, activated carbon filter cotton. The sandwich activated carbon cloth is a three-layer cloth which the top and bottom layers are non-woven fabric cloth and the middle layer is the high quality activated carbon powders. The non-woven fabric cloth and activated carbon powders are fastened by high temperature thermal pressing. The non-woven fabric cloth of the sandwich activated carbon cloth has two types: one is the needle-punched cotton and the other is PP non-woven cloth. The activated carbon powder in the middle layer can be coconut shells activated carbon powders. A piece of PP sandwich activated carbon cloth on the white background. PP non-woven fabric sandwich activated carbon cloth.A piece of needle-punched cotton activated carbon cloth on the white background. Needle-punched cotton sandwich activated carbon cloth. Specifications Non-woven fabric cloth type: needle-punched fabric cloth and PP non-woven fabric cloth. Activated carbon type: coconut shell activated carbon powders. Cloth thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 10mm. Cloth width: 0.3m - 2m. Cloth length: commonly is 100m. Special specifications can be customized. Sandwich Activated Carbon Cloth Sizes Item Air velocity (m/s) Carbon content (g/m2) Air flow resistance (Pa) Weight (g/m2) Thickness (mm) PSACC-01 0.3 90 15 210 3±1 PSACC-02 0.3 150 25 350 4±1 PSACC-03 0.3 180 30 400 5±1 PSACC-04 0.5 260 45 450 1.5±1 PSACC-05 0.4 320 50 500 2±1 PSACC-06 0.4 400 60 600 3±1 PSACC-07 1.0 60 5 120 2±0.5 PSACC-08 0.8 200 10 400 5±1 PSACC-09 0.8 450 15 760 10±1 Features High efficiency. The high quality coconut shell activated carbon can ensure the high filtering efficiency of the activated carbon cloth. DIY. The sandwich activated carbon cloth is commonly supplied in rolls and it can be cut into any size to satisfy more applications. Safe. There isn't harmful chemical content in the cloth, it isn't harmful to the people's health. Fastness. The advanced technology can ensure the layers are fastness and prevent the activated carbon from leaking out. Good air ventilation. The sandwich activated carbon cloth can let the fresh and healthy air pass through the cloth freely. Applications The sandwich activated carbon cloth is widely used in our daily life to eliminating and removing the peculiar odors and harmful gases in the air. It can filter foul smog, pollen, dust, harmful gas and various peculiar smell. It can be made into activated carbon mask to block harmful gases from entering the mouth of people. The sandwich activated carbon cloth can be used in the pleated carbon filter to remove unpleasant odors in the air. A pleated carbon filter on the white background. The sandwich carbon cloth can be made into pleated carbon filter for air filtration.Several pieces of activated carbon mask on the white background. The sandwich activated carbon cloth is widely used for activated carbon mask.
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