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CYXH efficient energy saving new air ventilator
Category:Machinery/Industrial Air Conditioners
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◆ two-way ventilation, indoor and outdoor gas equivalent displacement.

◆ energy recovery function

Built-in static heat exchanger, energy recovery efficiency of more than 70%, hot and cold load (room temperature) from the impact of fresh air, a significant reduction in the energy required for fresh air treatment to achieve energy efficient.

◆ filter purification function

Into the indoor air in the unit by the professional filter to effectively prevent dust and harmful substances into the room to keep the indoor air fresh, and can choose static cleaners, negative ion generator, photocatalyst and other purification equipment.

◆ silent design, safe and reliable

Built-in low noise external rotor centrifugal fan, the unit wall covered with a new sound-absorbing material, smooth operation of low noise, to prevent interference with the scene. Machine in addition to the fan outside the non-moving parts, almost no maintenance, to ensure long-term stable and reliable work.

◆ full range, easy to use

A variety of models, suitable for from 15 ~ 1500m2 building units, integrated structure, built-in heat exchanger, double fan, filter, just turn on the power and duct can be used.

Low cost and high efficiency

Alternative to the new wind handling equipment, do not have to set up the engine room, can reduce the equipment investment and construction area of ​​the use of heat recovery technology energy saving operating costs save more than 30% of fresh air treatment, no cold and heat supply, integrated structure to reduce maintenance workload, Labor costs.

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