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ZK series modular air conditioning unit
Category:Machinery/Industrial Air Conditioners
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Spring unique combination design

The experience of professional production, combined with the concept of innovation and refinement, to provide a unique combination of design, mixing section, filter section, table cold section, heating section, humidification section, anechoic section, fan section and other functional sections independent Manufacturing, and then according to the use of different requirements to be combined, from the general comfort of air conditioning to the strict requirements of the hospital operating room and integrated clean room clean room and other clean air can meet the requirements.

Height and width can be flexibly selected to meet the needs of the unit size of the unit.

Can be shipped to the site parts, and then in the field to install the combination.

Reasonable frame structure, product rugged, excellent insulation performance

With the reinforced aluminum frame structure, the use of high-strength joint pieces of the unit will be connected into a solid whole, but also arranged a reasonable intermediate support, making the unit force evenly, so as to ensure that the unit is not deformed under high pressure.

The panel is a double-layer panel structure, the inner layer is galvanized steel plate, the outer layer is the color composite steel plate, the middle adopts 30 ~ 50mm thick fluorine-free polyurethane closed as the insulation material, the thermal conductivity is small, the waterproof insulation effect is good The At the same time, the interior design of the wall panel has strengthened the structure, making the unit stronger and more durable.

Between the panel and the framework of adiabatic protection, completely eliminate the cold bridge, air leakage rate is small, good sealing.

Performance guarantee, excellent quality

Coil (gas cooler, heater) According to the US Air Conditioning Refrigeration Association ARI specification design, the use of imported copper string aluminum heat exchanger production line, coil heat exchange efficiency, wind resistance, water resistance small. Heater also has steel pipe around the aluminum (steel), steel and aluminum (copper and aluminum) composite pipe to choose from.

The fan adopts the domestic advanced central air conditioning special double inlet centrifugal fan, the efficiency is high, the noise is low, the indenter range is wide.

Selection of high-efficiency motor, installed in the fan section, the isolation of dust in the air, so that it is clean and low temperature air operation, effectively reduce the motor power consumption and extend the motor life.

Can be configured dry steam humidifier, high pressure spray humidifier, wet film humidifier, humidification efficiency, energy saving.

Running quiet, shock

Fans and motors installed in the spring shock absorber seat, the fan and the outlet with a soft connection to eliminate vibration transmission. Fan shaft and impeller closely with all the impeller are static and dynamic balance correction, smooth operation.

Easy maintenance

The unit is equipped with specially designed access door, easy to open maintenance.

The cabinet is removable and all parts are removed for repair. Does not damage the firmness of the box.

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