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Page d'accueil > Catalogue des expositions > VIETBUILD EXPO 2010
  • Ville:
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Organisateur principal:
  • AFC International Exhibition Fair Corp.
  • Entrepreneur:
  • Supporteur:
  • Exposition:
  • Phu Tho Indoors Sports Stadium
  • Date des expositions mondiales:
  • 2010-09-16 - 2010-09-20
  • Reçue:
  • Site:
  • Phu Tho Indoors Sports Stadium,Ho Chi Minh,Vietnam。



  Building materials:

  architectural ceramics, natural and artificial stone, decorative materials, coatings and paints, flooring and carpet, wallpaper, doors, windows and hardware accessories, roof and roofing materials, glass curtain wall;

  Construction Machinery:

  construction machinery, processing equipment, site protection supplies, construction machinery, construction equipment, etc.;

  air conditioning:

  air conditioning and ventilation systems, heating technology, cooling systems, plumbing equipment, electrical and lighting systems;

  Kitchen equipment:

  kitchen, sanitary ware, pipe fittings, valves, water supply facilities, leisure and sports equipment;

  Hardware tools:

  building hardware, electrical pneumatic hand tools, garden tools, weeding tools, irrigation equipment.


  lamps lighting, elevator, solar energy.

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