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Главная > Выставки > 2007 China International Digital Life Exhibition
2007 China International Digital Life Exhibition
  • город:
  • Beijing
  • организатор:
  • соорганизатор:
  • Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd
  • спонсоры:
  • выставка:
  • даты выставки:
  • 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00
  • Дата размещения:
  • 2007-07-12
  • место проведения:
  • China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), Beijing


  3C Integration at Home, Digital Life in ChinavIDLE 2007 Leads You into the Experience of Digital Life

  As the unique 100% exhibition providing comprehensive application solutions for industry chain of digital home in China, 2007 China International Digital Life Exhibition (IDLE 2007) is worth your participation and attention. It will enable tens of thousands of people to experience digital home life then. While enjoying the fun and convenience brought by digital home in advance, you can combine discussion, learning and experience together to better understand the idea of digital life.

  Background: With the development of the times, people begin to pursuit fashionable life of high quality. Therefore, it is a natural trend to popularize digital home. Under this circumstance, the digital home industry in China is also booming. It is predicted that the digital home market in China will be expanded by over RMB 15 billion in the next two years, and reach 80 billion within five years. According to the statistics, 10% of the high-income families, which account for 10% of all Chinese households, are planning to purchase digital home products within two years. China, such a big market with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, means marvelous opportunities for manufacturers. The purpose of IDLE 2007 is to provide a platform of exchanges and cooperation for manufacturers and organizations, promote the international exchanges and cooperation in digital home, exhibit digital home products, stimulate the rapid development of the industry and accelerate the application of information technology in China for a quicker transfer into the era of digital home.

  Sponsors: Beijing Information Industry Association (BIIA) Union of Network Beijing (UNB) Beijing Multi-Media Industry Association (BMIA)Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Computers in Entertainment (CIE)

  Invited: Value-Added Service Committee of China Communication Industry AssociationConsumer Electronics Association (CEA) American Chamber of Digital Products CommerceGuangdong Digital Home Industry Association (GDDHIA)China Telecom Corporation (CTC)China Network Communications Group (CNC)China Tietong Telecommunications Corporation (CTT)China United Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (CUC)China Satellite Communication Corporation (NGN)China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC)

  Undertaker: Beijing Huamaolian Exhibition Co., Ltd

  2007 will provide the whole industry with a platform, where professionals can share best operation approaches, and learn new solutions and latest development of the new technologies. IDLE 2007 will create an exciting environment where purchasers and suppliers can get together and establish long-term relationship for the benefits of their communities. With the theme“Applying Digital Technology, Enjoy Digital Life”, it will advocate the fashionable ways of digital life, build interactive exhibitions and forums, and show the most advanced ideas and technologies in the frontiers of digital home, digital office and digital entertainment.

  Schedule: Register &Preparing Time: Oct. 13th–14th, 2007 Opening Ceremony: at 9:30 a.m. Oct.15th, 2007 Show Time: Oct. 15th–17th, 2007 Leaving Time: at 15:00, Oct. 17th, 2007

  Who Should Attend IDLE 2007? IDLE 2007 is the unique top exhibition for China’s digital home industry held in Asia. In October, 2007, people from the whole industry chain will get together in Beijing. Please remember to come too!If your company produces, manufactures, supplies or sells the following products or provides relevant services, then IDLE 2007 will be an absolute choice for you with its exciting activities and galaxy of innovative products.

  Exhibits: optimized booth arrangement to show highlights of future digital homes Entertainment: digital TV sets, HD TV sets, IPTV, digital cable set top boxes, premium speakers, home theatres, multi-track surrounding sound speakers, portable DVD, EVD, hardware cameras, blue-ray players, MP3 / MP4, digital cameras, DV cameras, projectors, wireless network cameras, equipment and software of video games, digital multi-media entertainment terminals and computer images (digital cartoon technologies).

  Network Communication: wireless communication products, telephone equipment, portable information devices, VoIP, inductors, routers, GPS navigation system, mobile telephone systems, 3G and Super 3G mobile communication products.

  IT Products: PC, notebook computers, displayers, digital home receiving system, portable storage products, video printers, scanners, fax machines.

  Home Appliances: intelligent home appliance control, kitchen cabinets, digital air conditioners, digital fridges, internet washing machines, small intelligent home appliances, home / personal digital healthcare products, intelligent illumination, and intelligent window curtains.

  Security: biological identifying technologies and information security products, energy management, security and portal management, environment inspection, anti-theft alarm devices, video supervision and control for home appliance as well as home intelligent locks.

  Digital Home Technologies: 3C product system solutions, 3C product standards and technologies, 3C product industry designing technologies, blue-tooth technologies, wireless internet technologies, NGN & soft switch technologies, IPV6, embedded operating systems, VIDEO hardware and software technologies, as well as AUDIO hardware and software technologies.

  Digital Home Services: digital entertainment and interactive games, network game systems, e-business, electronic political affairs, distant education, distant supervision, as well as telecommunication value added services.

  Intelligent Home Appliance Design: comprehensive home system, digital inferior home network design, digital energy-saving development, and streaming media network layout.

  Who Will Come to IDLE 2007?People who pay attention to the latest products and solutions in digital home industry in China will come to IDLE 2007, for it is an exciting and important activity. It mainly opens to professionals in the following fields:Professional Visitors: managing chiefs in digital home industry, relevant institutions and industry organizations, experts and scholars, telecommunication and network operators, integrators of intelligent home appliances, real estate developers, furnishing companies, developers of radio & TV digital products, sales agents, digital home products purchasers, retailers, online retailers, chain store agents,

  IDLE 2007 Activities: With the theme of digital life in China, we will hold many important forums and seminars. Meanwhile, we will also show various kinds of technical equipment and services. IDLE 2007 will exhibit the most newly-developed technologies and innovative equipment, which will present every visitor with new ideas and new products and give them inspiration.We have designed the keynote activities including“My Digital Living Room”,“Digital Auto Life”,“Music with You”,“SOHO Office”,“Life Image”,“Gaming Center”and“Digital Finance Management in E-Time”. In addition, IDLE 2007 will hold“Forum on Digital Ways of Life”to provide more professional services on product information. These are the hot topics being discussed in both national and international industry. We believe that the ideas of industry giants will surely be good examples for future development of digital home industry in China and Asia.

  Venue: China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), BeijingCIEC always plays an irreplaceable part as a comprehensive venue for professional exhibitions that has held the biggest and also most expos for the most famous brands. Meanwhile, it is also recognized and praised by UFI (Union des Foires Internationales), the international authority organization for exhibitions. CIEC represents the exhibition venue for expos of the highest class, connecting China with the world.

  In order to enable you to show your corporate image freely and maximize the booth value, we will provide two service packages:

  A. Standard Booth (3M×3M)Enterprises in China: RMB 12,800 / 9 m2; Overseas Enterprises: US$ 4,000 / 9 m2;Booth equipment: three sides of boarding, a table, two chairs, a banner plate, two spotlight or daylight lights, and a carpet.

  B. Exhibitors can choose from the following that can best present the corporate style.Indoor open floor (at least 36m2)Enterprises in China: RMB 1,200 / m2; Overseas Enterprises: US$ 380 / m2. Note: No equipment for bare floor. Exhibitors can prepare or entrust organizing committee to build up and decorate booths on it.For specific plans such as publishing ads on IDLE 2007 journals, or sponsoring & supporting for auxiliary activities, please contact with the organizing committee.

  Booth Booking: If you are interested in booking booths at IDLE 2007, please submit your detailed ways of contact to the following contact person, telling us your choice of service package. Our sales team will contact with you. Thank you!

  Organizing Committee of IDLE 2007 Contact (China):Liu Zhen Tian (Manager)Address: Room 1118, Huayuelong Tower, Jingyuan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, ChinaPost code:100043Te l:86-(10) 68606154 81606655Fax:86-(10) 68631368 68680722 E-mail:china790@126.com www.shangsoo.com/zlh

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  • контакткое лицо
  • Liu Zhen Tian (Manager)
  • телефон
  • 86-(10) 68606154 81606655
  • факс
  • 86-(10) 68631368 68680722
  • E-mail
  • china790@126.com
  • Website
  • http://www.shangsoo.com/zlh