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Главная > Выставки > The 2nd China (Changchun) International Optoelectronic Information Technology Exposition
The 2nd China (Changchun) International Optoelectronic Information Technology Exposition
  • город:
  • Changchun
  • организатор:
  • соорганизатор:
  • спонсоры:
  • выставка:
  • Changchun International Conference and Exposition Cente
  • даты выставки:
  • 2007-06-15 - 2007-06-17
  • Дата размещения:
  • 2007-07-12
  • место проведения:


  There were more than 600 enterprises home and abroad from Germany, South Korea, France, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and 18 domestic provinces. The exhibition area was over 20,000 square meters with above 1,000 international standard booths. Display exhibits covered 18 kinds, 8000 species such as the optical, optoelectronic instrumentation, opto-electronic materials, telecommunications and home appliances. It was known as a top-notch event in the optoelectronic industries. With distinctive features, the transaction of the expo was quite fruitful. The academic exchanges interacted and integrated with the latest products and technology. The integration supporting activities were abundant. People from all circles visited the expo enthusiastically. Wang Daheng, Mu Guoguang, Cao Jianlin, and several Nobel laureates presented and highly praised the exhibition.

  ●Exhibition scope A, Optical components and instruments exhibition district. Including: optical materials, optical components, optical devices, optical processing and testing equipment, optical coating technology and equipment, clean room engineering and product; B, Optoelectronic components and equipment district. Including: optoelectronic components, optoelectronic materials, optoelectronic devices, optical storage equipment, solar photovoltaic products. optocouplers and its application products, photoelectric detection equipment, analytical instruments, optical and fine processing equipment, optical and optoelectronic products manufacturing equipment, optoelectronic medical equipment and apparatus; C, Laser and infrared products district, including: Laser and infrared material, laser devices and laser applications, laser processing equipment; infrared sensors and infrared equipment; D, Optoelectronic display and semiconductor lighting district, Including : Flat Panel Display (LCD, LED, PLED, OLED PDP etc) products and parts, materials, integrated products; other optoelectronic display products and applications products; Semiconductor Lighting (LED) device and application products; E, Communication technologies and products district. Including: optical communications equipment and systems, Optical Communication Devices, optical detection and monitoring equipment, optical communication network engineering equipment; terminal products and test equipment of the mobile communications system, the third generation mobile communication systems, wireless internet technologies and products, other new communications technologies and products; F, Automotive electronics district. Including: automotive electronic components and parts, automotive ECU, automotive electronic applications, vehicle optoelectronic products; G, Software, digital animated cartoon district. Including: software design platform, digital animated cartoon software technology and production, video games and software, network game platform; H, Optoelectronic technology district. Including: the Results Exhibition of the Development of Information Technology Innovation; Optoelectronic Technology Exhibition; the Results Exhibition of Changchun National Optoelectronics Industry Base.

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