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    Dear Sir KORVAN Co., Ltd was officially classified as a Venture Firm in 2002 and marked annual sales of 50 million USD $in 2004 and 130 million USD dollars 2005. The company was awarded "Gimpo Industries Award" in 2004, "Excellent Venture Business Award" in 2005 and New Intellect Award" in 2006, Innovation-Business in 2007. In order to produce more advanced grp panel and sink basin, a new largest factory of it's kind was built on an area of 360, 000 sq ft. In March 2006 with the newest facilities and automated equipment complete with in-house analysis and research center. We are continuously investing and endeavoring in research and development. Using unsaturated polyester resin as a main raw material, this factory produces composite material (GRP. Smc, BMC) to manufacture various products including grp sectional panel water tanks, ceiling panel, artificial marble (sink basin, wall decoration materials, etc) Proud of the largest production facilities and the most hydraulic presses of newest types among domestic manufacturers, this factory leads local industries in both production capacity and quality. Hydraulic presses 2, 500 TON: 2NOS 2, 000TON: 1NO 1, 500TON: 2NOS 1, 000TON: 2NOS 800TON: 1NO Since the completion of production facilities in 2005 for the materials of SMC (Sheet molding compound) & BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) , for which the company had relied on outsourcing, SMC and BMC is now produced within the company enabling to produce better quality at lower cost. The company is putting best effort to develop new material for SMC & BMC in order to be able to produce more diverse products. GRP SECTIONAL PANEL STORAGE WATER TANKS. Products Name: GRP Sectional Panel Water Tanks Panel Type: Non-Insulated Panel Insulated Panel Partition Panel One-site bolt assembly: Tank shape and volume can be freely designed with No restrictions based on site location, weather or climate Features - Clean and Hygienic Long life No leakage - Stable structure Easy transportation Easy assembly - No limit in size (550 Gallon in UK to no limit by combinations of panels) Panel Specifications: Hot Pressed molded products by variety of molds size. - Wall, Roof, Bottom Panel Size. 500 x 500 500 x 1000 500 x 1500 500 x 2000 1, 000 X 1, 000 1, 000 X 1, 500 1, 000 X 2, 000 1, 000 X 2, 500 1, 000 X 3, 000 mm - Manhole Panel: Lockable a hinged manhole cover with a 60cm - Drain Panel: Design by easy drainage Reinforcement Accessories Specifications. - Steel Skid: HDG (hot-dip galvanized) steel - Assembly Bolt, Nuts: STS304, STS316, HDG, DACRO - Access Ladder: Inside (STS or GRP) External (HDG or STS) - Internal Reinforcement: Tie-rods (SS304, SS316) - External Reinforcement: HDG - Special Sealing tapes: PVC Foam (certification Received PSB in Singapore) - Air Vent: Screened Air Vents Options - Partition Type - Nozzle Inlet, drainage, outlet, overflow (Flange type, Socket Type 15~300mm) - Level indicator to show water level from outside Hydraulic presses facilities (8 NOS) Referance - Our GRP water tank panels and all related parts conform to water quality Standards and ISO 9001-2000, Quality Assurance Certification Received - KORVAN TANK supply to domestic major construction companies and Export to various countries - We appreciate your attention our products and hope to make further development On your market. We also try to best to support your market promotion. If you need further information, Please visit to our website and please feel free to contact us. [ Click for details ]

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    • 82-31 -9816286
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    • 82-31-9977496
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    • South Korea
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    • 115-4 Galsan-Ri, Wolgot-Myon
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    • 415-871
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