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  Event Profile:Semicon West is the premier annual industry event for the global microelectronics industries in North America. Semicon West offers a series of technical conferences, business programs, standards workshops and industry networking events for the regional semiconductor community.


  Visitor's Profile:Trade Visitors only - Electrical contractors, engineers, equipment manufacturers, inspectors/supervisors, wholesalers, supply authorities, Government - state/federal, Industrial installation, Manufacturers, OEM's/CEM's, Plant engineers/personnel, Radio communications, Research & development, Service/support engineers, Switchboard builders.


  Exhibitor's Profile:Profile of exhibit include Cables and busbars, Communication engineering, Computer and communication technology, Data communications, Electrical components and accessories, Electronic engineering, Hi-tech products and new techniques, Industrial equipment and accessories, Installation and control equipment, Lighting and lamps, Programmable logic controls, Storage/enclosures etc.

From 2007-07-17 to 2007-07-19
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  Show Overview: China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair is jointly sponsored by Zhongshan Municipal People's Government of Guangdong, China Association of Lighting Industry and CCPIT Sub-council of Light Industry; meanwhile organized by Guzhen Township People's Government of Zhongshan, and Zhongshan Economy and Trade Bureau of Guangdong. The fair takes place in China Lighting Capital - Guzhen, which makes full use of its advantages of industry and marketing. With increasing value of exhibition brand and effect, CGILF has always been a focus of the professional exhibitions. Guzhen Lighting Plaza, which covers an area of 40,000 square meters, is the main exhibition hall of the CGILF. In 2004, the Fair welcomed 650 exhibitors and more than 50,000 professional from 75 countries and regions, among of whom 4,700 were overseas buyers, which provided considerable opportunities for marketing.

  The CGILF 2005, on the theme of "Guzhen Lights Up the World", will expect the presence of over 700 companies and bring forth the latest lightings. It seeks to showcase the current trend and bring along the radiance of the fame "China Lighting Capital" to every part of the world.

From 2007-10-18 to 2007-10-23
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  Products: Lighting & Light Technology Standard general service incandescent lamps Halogen incandescent lamps Fluorescent lamps Infra-red lamps / fibreoptic lamps Discharge lamps (HID-lamps), halogen metal vapour-, sodium vapour-, mercury vapour-lamps Car lamps (cars, trucks, motorcycles) Lamps for TV, stage, photo, film and optics Luminaires and light systems Road and traffic lighting Floodlights Surface mounted luminaires Recessed and mounted luminaires Lighting systems for offices and administrations Outdoor luminaires, lanterns Spotlights of all kinds Luminaires for living areas Prestigious luminaires Chandeliers, crystal lamps Special luminaires and lighting systems for theatre, opera and museum / illumination for stages / open airs, "light-music", light effects Object and industry illumination Electronic components for light technology Accessories and parts Parts for chandeliers and crystal lamps Ballasts for fluorescent lamps Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps Ballasts for mercury discharge lamps, sodium discharge lamps, high pressure lamps Ballasts for halogen metal vapour lamps Electronic ballasts for mercury discharge lamps, sodium discharge lamps, high pressure lamps Electronic ballasts with dimmer control Transformers for halogen lamps Electronic halogen transformers Dimmer units Light measuring equipment Waste management and recycling Installation technology and protection systems Distributors Components for lighting industry Parts and accessories for installation wiring systems Mounting materials Installation material for wiring Switches and plug-and socket devices for equipment and lamps and accessories Weak-current installation Lighting technology bus bars Cable and wiring for installation technology Transformers, ignitors Time switch clocks and time recording equipment Safety and security Alarm systems Emergency and safety lighting Intelligent lighting systems for object- and architecture illumination Professional lighting technology for stage, theatre and discotheque Special lighting Special effects Optoelectronic lightmoduls Underwater flood light Brass fixtures Lighting design software Low-voltage-systems Trade journals publisher LED-Modules Intelligent Building Technology

  Electrical system technology for building installations

  Distribution and joining material Installation, channel and distribution systems Cable and leads Distribution systems Safety switch and series built in equipment security Installation switch and plug and sockets Time switch House communication Buildings system technology Earthing, voltage compensation, lightning protection, excess voltage protection Electric heating Systems for heat recovery Hot water production Single room heating controls Low volt switch gear, equipment, industrial controls

  Isolator and on-load switch, performance switch, motor protection switch Relay, contactor Command & control switch Storage programmable controls energy distribution, low voltage equipment, middle voltage equipment bus bars, switch cabinets performance electronic Reception antennae and broadband distribution technology

  Information and communication equipment Tools and systems for telecommunication Light call and personnel finder gear Electro acoustic equipment Danger report systems Monitoring systems Components and systems for structured data networks Measuring and test devices, measuring technology House and building automation

  Home automation Buildings automation Facility Management Institutions, organisations, associations

  Trade journals publishers


From 2007-11-27 to 2007-11-30
Mostrar ubicación:Moscow International Exhibition Center (Exhibition Centre Krasnaya Presnya)


  Audio Visual Products

  Electronic Accessories

  Home Appliances

  Multimedia & Electronic Gaming

  Office Automation & Equipment

  Personal Electronics & Multi Products

  Security Products

  Telecommunications Products

  Trade Services

From 2007-10-13 to 2007-10-16
Mostrar ubicación:Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center


  Lighting Applications

  Industrial Luminaries

  Lighting for Christmas

  Lighting for Decoration

  Lighting for Emergency & Safety

  Lighting for Entertainment Use

  Lighting for Office, Advertising &   Exhibitions

  Outdoor Luminaries

  Lighting Products & Systems



  Lamp Shades


  Lighting Fixtures

  Lighting Systems

  Flash Lights

  Design, Production and Services

  Lighting Accessories & Components

  Lighting Design and Light Emotion

  Lighting Equipment, Accessories, Fittings

  Related Services and Publications

  Technology for Controlling and Measuring Light

From 2007-10-28 to 2007-10-31
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  All Types of Light Sources:

  New types of general incandescent lamps and halogen- tungsten lamps, Fluorescent lamps, Neon lights, High intensity discharge lamps, High frequency electrodeless lamps, Signal lights, LED, etc.

  Luminaries and Ornaments:

  Indoor lighting; Outdoor lighting; Sport lighting; Square, airport, harbor and dock lighting; Lightings for architectural, commercial, industrial and residential use; Lighting for emergency and safety; Lighting for bridges, tunnels, roads and expressways.


  Lighting accessories, Equipments and components for dimmer and controller, Raw materials for lights, Special processing and testing equipment for lighting products, Samples for certain special lighting projects, Professional lighting journals, proceedings, magazines, publications and websites.

  Show Overview:

  The Fair has been held 10 sessions successfully, which attract lots of attention from domestic and overseas professionals and ordinary consumers. What deserves to be mentioned further is that the audience of last session comes from 55 countries and regions. It is indeed a grand lighting meeting focused on global attention.

  China Association of Lighting Industry, China Illuminating Engineering Society and Beijing UT International Exhibition Co., Ltd. cooperate again and make new mythology of the Chinese lighting exhibition.

  In 2005, the show enlarged a lot in exhibition area up to 600 booths in 12,000 square meters. During the fair, 85.6% exhibitors got their partners or held the intention of trading, 90.6% exhibitors thought that they had achieved their original aim. The total trade volume was RMB 6,400,000.

From 2007-08-22 to 2007-08-24
Mostrar ubicación:Shanghai New International Expo Center
IFA Berlin will be held annually starting from 2006. It is one of the most important consumer electronics show in Europe specializing in consumer electronics with focus on Audio and visual products. Consumer electronics include Audio and visual products (eg: TV, video, DVD, Fi-Fi), car media, telecommunications, etc
From 2007-08-31 to 2007-09-05
Mostrar ubicación:Berlin, Germany
Products: Video & Audio appliance IT & Digital product,Lighting Test & Measurement products,Household Appliance Communication products Conprehensive Accessories Exhibitor Statistics: 350 Visitor Statistics: 48,600 Show Overview: 2006 Asia & America Electronics Show is called AES for short, jointly sponsored by Chinese International Trade Promotion committee electronic information profession branch and Guangzhou Dominant Information Technology Media Co. Ltd. It's one of the most important international exhibition in China even Asia and offer optimum opportunities and idea platform for the sellers and buyers of expense class electronic product, communication and correspondence product, electronic technology information product and electron necessary product to gain the latest product information and display the newest products. 2006 AES covers a floor space of 100,000 square meters and divided into 10 areas supplying 3,500 booths. There are already 48,600 professional purchasers from more than 100 countries have accepted the invitation of AES organization committee, and set the schedule to China.They are GE, Siemens, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Tacom Galaxy Enterprise, etc. and they are looking foward to see you. In order to show the whole process of this exhibition to the world so as to release the newest product information and the marketing development trend to them, we will make full use of the platform of internet which covers the whole world and the radio and television which cover the center areas in EU, North America, and Asia.
From 2007-08-07 to 2007-08-09
Mostrar ubicación:Shenzhen, China

  German products gained higher recognition through this year’s exhibition. Our export to China will be likely to increase by 3 to 5 times. PSC is a valuable business platform. We will be participating and supporting this exhibition. We are expecting more cooperation opportunities.

  Chirstoph Singrun

  Managing Director


  Hyffux Ltd. is greatly impressed by the professional level demonstrated by HQ Link Pte Ltd. and its workers during PSC exhibition. I strongly recommend exhibitions held by HQ Link Pte Ltd. to suppliers and users, for the organization and visitors are all professional. Until now, all HQ Link Pte Ltd.-hosting exhibitions are profitable. Thanks to the efforts of HQ Link Pte Ltd. workers!

  Ms Jinny Goh

  Sales Manager and Chief Representative in China

  Hyffux Ltd.

  This is the fourth time we participated and witnessed the success of exhibition sponsored by HQ Link Pte Ltd. We are satisfied with the number and quality of visitors. I feel obliged to express my gratitude to HQ Link Pte Ltd. and its diligent workers. We are looking forward to participating next year.

  Peter Sun

  Vice President

  Winters Instruments (Shanghai)

  We are so excited to see a highly potential market in China through this professionally organized exhibition. Different from other Chinese exhibition, PSC created an environment in which foreign exhibitors are enabled to fully demonstrate the advantages of their product.

From 2007-07-11 to 2007-07-14
Mostrar ubicación:Shanghai International Exhibition Center

  The last exhibition was held on September 1, 2006, at Fuhua International Exhibition Center in Weifang City, Shandong Province. Vice Chairman of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Zhang Kehui, former Vice-Director of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council Li Bingcai, Shandong Governor Han Yuqun, Vice Chairman of Shandong CPPCC Committee Zhang Min, and celebrities from various walks of life in Taiwan were present at the exhibition. Also present at the exhibition were chairmen of branches of Taiwan Entrepreneurs Society in various provinces of China, Thailand, and Malaysia.

  The market of industrial control in China is large and highly potential. As China’s economy grows, domestic industrial control develops at a rapid pace. Thousands of plants opened in recent years, adding much vitality to the market. The exhibition has become an information exchange platform among suppliers and users in the industry.

  Scope of Exhibition

  Instruments and meters (including regulators, relays, encoders, recorders, sensors, testing machines, indicators, valves and actuators, signal processors, intelligent instruments, etc.);

  Control System (including industrial computers, PLC, hardware and software, DCS, PA, FA, fieldbus, industrial Ethernet, inverters, wireless systems, etc.);

  Automation and IT Solutions (including solutions for process optimization, enterprise resources management, e-commerce, robot, etc.);

  Part of instruments and meters (including pumps, switches, LV electric appliances, etc.);

  Parts of Hydraulic machines (including pumps, motors, control valves, pressure switches, etc.);

From 2007-09-19 to 2007-09-21
Mostrar ubicación:Fuhua International Exhibition Center
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