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  After the implementation of the policy of reform and opening-up, automation and instrumentation industry n our country started to grow at a fast speed. With the support and guide of the central government, suppliers of the industry manufactured a huge amount of advanced instruments and meters for industrial control, which met the increasing demands in domestic market.

  Henan Province is one of the most important industrial bases of China. Meanwhile, it is a major province in the central government’s plan to realize fast development of central China. Many key industrial cities of China, including Luoyang, Xinxiang, and Kaifeng, are located in Henan.

  The 10th Central China International Industrial Control & Instrumentation Exhibition, under the support of Zhengzhou Municipal Government and Henan Federation of Industry and Commerce, is scheduled to open on September 20, 2007. The exhibition, planned to last for three days, will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the only one meeting of central China’s electromechanical industry. Having been successfully held for 9 years, the exhibition won good reputation within the industry, and creates golden opportunities for suppliers to meet and establish business relationships with customers. In the 9th exhibition last year, professional visitors, average trade volume, and average agreement/contract amount all create record high.

  Exhibition scope:

  Displayed at the exhibition will be:

  industrial computer, data acquisition system, touch pad, programmable HMI, and vision system;

  PLC, transmitter, and DCS;

  sensor, AC/DC converter, electrical relay, inverter, encoder, and wireless terminals;

  soft starter, servo system, switch, LV electric appliance, and automatic control valves;

  components, equipments, and technologies related to industrial control and automation;

  counter, digital regulator, and various electrical testing and measurement instruments and meters;

  ultrasonic, opto-electrical, and intelligent instruments and meters;

  instruments and meters for measuring pressure, temperature, flow, and level;

  metal and non-metal testing machine, and instruments and meters for environment protection, quality control, and other purposes.


  Standard booth

  Domestic companies

  A level: 6,200 RMB for one booth

  B level: 5,800 RMB for one booth

  C level: 5,500 RMB for one booth

  D level: 5,000 for RMB one booth

  Foreign companies

  A level: 1,200 US dollars for one booth

  B level: 1,100 US dollars for one booth

  C level: 1,000 US dollars for one booth

  Audience and media coverage:

  To be covered by China Machinery&Electronics Daily, Dahe Daily, Zhengzhou Evening Paper, and Henan TV;

  50,000 invitaion letters and 200,000 tickets given to users and sales representatives all over the country for free

From 2007-09-20 to 2007-09-23
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  The China International Machinery & Electronic Products Exposition (CWME), held under the approval of the State Council, is sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of China, China Council for Promotion of International Trade, Shanxi Province Government, Hunan Province Government, and Hebei Province Government. It is organized by organized Wuhan Municipal Government, and co-organized by the Paper Communication Exhibition Services, Wuhan Foreign Economic and Trade Exhibition Corporation, and Wuhan Regius Exhibition Co., Ltd. It won warm support from China Machinery Industry Federation, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, and Export-Import Bank of China.

  The first CWME was held in 2000. In the past 7 years, altogether 200,000 machinery and electronics professionals visited CWME. The total exhibition area of CWME reached 250,000 square meters and the total exhibitors reached 4,500.

  To promote industrialization of Hubei province, the 8th CWME will be insisting on a“international, professional and brand-supporting”principle. Our workers will endeavor to provide better service to machinery and electronic enterprises and maximize the platform and exchange function of CWME. Exhibition this year will set up 2,000 standard booths to cover an area of 40,000 square meters.

From 2007-09-23 to 2007-09-26
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  China’s network security industry eventually grew mature after development for more than a decade. In recent years network security products in domestic market have been greatly enriched as well. This is the result of increasing network security demands brought about by popularized Internet and rapid informatization process.

  CINS 2006, jointly sponsored by Beijing network Industry Association and Beijing Information Industry Association closed on December 13 last year at China International Exhibition Center. The 3-day exhibition attracted more than 130 suppliers from China, US, Britain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and France. Visitors to the exhibition reached 13,619. They came from different fields, including public administration, finance, education, public security, IT, research institutes, communications, and aviation industry.

  Participating enterprises/organizations include Symantec, Authenex, 8e6 Technologies, Kingsoft, Entrust, Muze, SmartLine, Inc, Feitian, Mercybyte, Vector, Signia, atsec, Kaspersky, Tongfang, AceNet, Aodun, IXIA, Information Security Research and Service Institution of State Information Center, Lanner, CP Secure, Secure Computing, ZyXEL, Blue Coat, IEI, Westone, Timerwell, Sinosun, Sunyard, Ksmart, and National Information Security Engineering and Technology Research Center.

  With last year’s experience, sponsors and organizers of CINS strengthened efforts on media report and audience organization. A summit forum will be held during the exhibition. Experts from public administration, information security research institutes and information security products suppliers will be there to deliver speeches.

From 2007-10-15 to 2007-10-17
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  Information technology entered a fast developing stage in China since the 1990s. Correspondingly, embedded systems started to be widely used in various equipments and machines. It is known as an application-oriented computer system capable of meeting challenging requirements from function, reliability, cost, size and other aspects. An embedded system is comprised of two parts: hardware and software. The latter, serving as the soul of the whole system and the source of flexible functions, occupies an important position in software industry.

  At present, embedded systems have been applied in industrial, commercial, communication, and national defense fields. It also started to be used in automobile and home electrical appliances. However, in front of such a huge market, embedded software still finds it hard to speed up its development. One of the reasons is the lack of a unified standard within the industry.

  Rapid development of information technology and popularization of Internet makes embedded system an indispensable factor of industrial modernization. China expects to achieve more in this field.

   2007 China (Shanghai) Exhibition of Embedded Systems and Applications will be held from October 16 to 18 in Shanghai, with the hope to promote China’s embedded system industry.

From 2007-10-16 to 2007-10-18
Mostrar ubicación:Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center

  Splendid History:

  CHINA FOODTECH opens in Beijing every odd year. Now, it has been successfully held for 8 times since its foundation in 1989. As it enjoys outstanding features among domestic exhibitions in terms of largest scales, biggest number of professional audiences and significant influence, CHINA FOODTECH has been emerged into an important and professional exhibition, serving for China market nowadays. Party and State leaders have paid visits to the exhibition field in person for several times. As for manufactures at home and abroad within this circle, CHINA FOODTECH is also deemed as a preferred place to display their products as its scales has been extended from 5,000squre meters in 1989 to 20,000 or more for this year.

  Precious opportunity to exchange with international counterparts:

  CHINA FOODTECH is bound to attract nearly a hundred foreign brands form over ten countries and areas across the globe once it opens. Moreover, attentions and supports from international industry association will also go to CHINA FOODTECH. This time is not an exception as UCIMA, ANIMA, PPMA, VDMA, PMMI, AMEC-ENYASGRAF, KPMA and JFMA are expected to attend. These associations are willing to attach close attention to the development trend of their Chinese counterparts when they introduce themselves to China. As international exchanging activities are becoming frequent and important particularly after China’s entering into WTO, CHINA FOODTECH is to serve as a convenient and effective platform for communication among this circle.

  Great potential in the market:

  Based on the 10th Five Year Plan on food industry, the total volume of meat processing products should arrive at 6 billion ton with grain processing products amounting to 8,250 ton. Plus, sugar, dairy products, milk, all types of beverage, edible vegetable oil and can output yield at 10 billion ton, 0.8 billion ton, 2 billion ton, 27 billion ton, 30 billion ton and 3.8 billion ton respectively. In this case, demand on Food & Packaging machinery is worthy of 65billion Yuan, while another 15-20billion Yuan may be added under the condition of the growing demand from the industries referred above. Hence, great potentials for the development of this field are yet to be developed.

From 2007-10-31 to 2007-11-04
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  The 2nd Shanghai International Exhibition & Forum on Cement Technology & Equipment will be held in Shanghai on November 27, 2007. During the exhibition, a three-day international forum focusing on 2010 Shanghai World Expo and opportunities & challenges of cement industry will be attracting relevant government officials and business managerial stuff. Summit meeting, sub-forums and technology reports will be centered on issues of common concern in cement industry. Market prospect of Yangtze River Delta will be a highlighting topic

From 2007-11-13 to 2007-11-15
Mostrar ubicación:Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center

  The theme of this initial exhibition is“To guarantee the safety in production process on the basis of safety law, principle and its standard by safety technology and equipment.”By this exhibition could all nation strength its awareness to the relevant law on safety production, and standard to go by. Thus, introducing the advanced technology from outside will fully integrate domestic and international safety technology in terms of product and system functions.


  Currently, our domestic industrial manufacturing, IT process industry and project are in urgent need of safety technologies, which have already been well innovated and developed by some advanced international companies. All circles are now paying more attention to these safety products in wider application. China is expected to emerge into a huge market for safety products demand.

  China State Administrative Bureau of Safety Production Supervision is now making efforts on enhancing its execution while National Standardization Management Committee is fastening the implementation of safety standard. Based on current situation, ensuring safety and securing the product reliability are deemed as top priorities in China. Although large amounts of security products are available in the present market, it is still far from meeting the growing demands. In this sense, it is the best time to organize this international exhibition and technology forum, so that enterprises at home and abroad are accessible to display their advanced technologies and understand market demands from all cycles to all users and SI manufactures.

From 2007-12-20 to 2007-12-22
Mostrar ubicación:China International Exhibition Center (Hall No.6)
From 2007-11-24 to 2007-11-26
Mostrar ubicación:Nanjing International Exhibition Center

  ○Exhibitors: More than 600 equipment manufacturers, machine tool suppliers and relevant enterprises (including world-famous brands and foreign enterprises) from 17 countries and regions

  ○Area: Covering an area of 42,020㎡, with 1,583 booths, 15% higher than 2005

  ○Highlights: Featuring advanced machine tool equipments and industrial robots

  ○Visitors: Over 40,000 visitors from the world, among which are purchasing missions from UNDIO, Europe, US, East Asia, Middle East and South Asia

  ○Promotion: 416 pieces of advertisements, 244 industrial media organizations, 48 media organizations, 560,000 pieces of invitation letters, tickets, visitor’s guide and exhibition information, 40,000 faxes, 30,000 short messages and 5 outdoor advertisements

From 2007-12-04 to 2007-12-07
Mostrar ubicación:Guangzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center
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