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China (Yiwu) the second session of the International Campaign leisure supplies procurement fairs conform to the industrial development trend. Campaign for domestic leisure goods company and its supporting manufacturing enterprises with a display and trade exchanges and export platform. The Fair Trade for Import and Export-oriented activities, and arrangements for processing trade and joint ventures and cooperation in various economic and trade negotiations. Invited to the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other foreign enterprises gathered in Yiwu exhibitors, exchanges, and display negotiate trade
From 2007-09-11 to 2007-09-15
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"Asia's Sporting Goods Show" by the Trade Development Council in conjunction with an international exhibition in Munich, Germany co-sponsored, The exhibition is the largest of the Asian region, in the face of professional sports exhibitions. In recent years, Europe, America, Japan and Australia, a sporting goods markets by the rising tide, Asia is the major production base for sporting goods of the world to provide high quality and inexpensive related products. Hong Kong Trade Development Council in conjunction with the main exhibition, and Munich, Germany, international exhibition company is the world's largest exhibition of sports -- Munich International Sporting Goods Show (ISPO ) organizers, the two joint-use its huge database and extensive customer network, to conduct a comprehensive exhibition of promotional activities, and help ISPO momentum and ensure that the exhibition is well known, to achieve the desired result. Meanwhile, the end of October each year Olympic many regional markets, buyers gathered, the exhibition is a golden season. Participating businesses by virtue of the Asian sports development world-class business platform, open up the international market to achieve the good results.
From 2007-10-25 to 2007-10-30
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Please note ! All dates are subject to changes. Contact organizers for more information before making arrangements
From 2008-04-09 to 2008-04-11
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