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Các mối giao dịch của các nhà sản xuất và nhà cung cấp trên toàn cầu người mua
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Xe nâng Trung Quốc NL70 with lifting capacity up to 7 tons. Vehicles can take goods to a height of 3m. Suitable for loading and unloading containers, arranging goods in warehouses and works
The xe nâng điện cao is the leading candidate for cargo handling and handling in warehouses and supermarkets. Or lifting machinery and equipment weighing less than 1400kg.   T
Xe quét rác công nghiệp S13 is a specialized sanitary equipment to clean up garbage in warehouses, factories, resorts, ports ... Vehicles operating by electricity should be ve
Theo như từ điển tiếng Anh thì xe nâng thường được gọi là "Forklift". Trong đó "Lift" dịch là nâng lên, c&ograv
A bánh xe nâng tay wheel is used to install the front part of the forklift. With durable properties, high bearing capacity, PU wheels can withstand a ton of cargo up to several tons witho
Xe nâng 5 tấn forklift is an indispensable lifting and transporting device in any production work. This medium not only provides high performance but also increases safety in dangerous, hig
The xe nâng điện ngồi lái with 2 tons, 2.5 tons of FB belong to high quality forklift trucks manufactured by Niuli. Thanks to the power source operation, the xe nâng h&a
The xe nâng 3 tấn forklift truck belongs to diesel engine forklift. The vehicle has a maximum lifting height of 3 meters, suitable for most types of work requiring lifting equipment. &n
The bàn nâng thủy lực is also called a table or forklift truck. This car is used in many different jobs. However, in some places, it is only used to lift plants, so it has another
The xe nâng tay Mitsubishi is one of the high-class low-lift pallet trucks on the market today. It is manufactured according to Japanese technology, high quality, durable. With the he
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