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Các mối giao dịch của các nhà sản xuất và nhà cung cấp trên toàn cầu người mua
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The International Trade Exposition in Latin America for Automotive OE, Aftermarket and Remanufacturing
Form 2011-07-13 to 2011-07-15
Address:Centro Banamex en al Hipódromo de Las Américas

  Event Profile:Metalform Mexico is the premier exposition and conference for the metalforming industry. It is focused on stampers and fabricators, attracts a high quality audience, a unique sales opportunity for exhibitors, and an exceptional educational opportunity for attendees.


  Highlights:For 25 years, METALFORM has maintained a must-see status, with the exhibits and conference reflecting the continually changing needs of manufacturers. You can share ideas with colleagues and competitors, attend conference sessions and gain valuable insight from industry leaders.


  Visitor's Profile:Professionals from the following industries - Aerospace & Automotive Manufacturing, Building & Construction, Contract Manufacturing & Turnkey Projects, Design & Consultancy Services, Electrical / Electronics Manufacturing, IT & Telecommunications, Metal Components, Oil & Gas/Chemical Processing, Research & Development, Rubber & Plastic Products are the target visitors.


  Exhibitor's Profile:METALFORM features stamping and turret presses, welding and assembly equipment, press brakes, lasers, roll forming & spinning machines, coil handling equipment and feeds, automation, finishing, tool and die, machining and much more!

Form 2007-09-10 to 2007-09-14

  Products: Lighting & Light Technology Standard general service incandescent lamps Halogen incandescent lamps Fluorescent lamps Infra-red lamps / fibreoptic lamps Discharge lamps (HID-lamps), halogen metal vapour-, sodium vapour-, mercury vapour-lamps Car lamps (cars, trucks, motorcycles) Lamps for TV, stage, photo, film and optics Luminaires and light systems Road and traffic lighting Floodlights Surface mounted luminaires Recessed and mounted luminaires Lighting systems for offices and administrations Outdoor luminaires, lanterns Spotlights of all kinds Luminaires for living areas Prestigious luminaires Chandeliers, crystal lamps Special luminaires and lighting systems for theatre, opera and museum / illumination for stages / open airs, "light-music", light effects Object and industry illumination Electronic components for light technology Accessories and parts Parts for chandeliers and crystal lamps Ballasts for fluorescent lamps Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps Ballasts for mercury discharge lamps, sodium discharge lamps, high pressure lamps Ballasts for halogen metal vapour lamps Electronic ballasts for mercury discharge lamps, sodium discharge lamps, high pressure lamps Electronic ballasts with dimmer control Transformers for halogen lamps Electronic halogen transformers Dimmer units Light measuring equipment Waste management and recycling Installation technology and protection systems Distributors Components for lighting industry Parts and accessories for installation wiring systems Mounting materials Installation material for wiring Switches and plug-and socket devices for equipment and lamps and accessories Weak-current installation Lighting technology bus bars Cable and wiring for installation technology Transformers, ignitors Time switch clocks and time recording equipment Safety and security Alarm systems Emergency and safety lighting Intelligent lighting systems for object- and architecture illumination Professional lighting technology for stage, theatre and discotheque Special lighting Special effects Optoelectronic lightmoduls Underwater flood light Brass fixtures Lighting design software Low-voltage-systems Trade journals publisher LED-Modules Intelligent Building Technology

  Electrical system technology for building installations

  Distribution and joining material Installation, channel and distribution systems Cable and leads Distribution systems Safety switch and series built in equipment security Installation switch and plug and sockets Time switch House communication Buildings system technology Earthing, voltage compensation, lightning protection, excess voltage protection Electric heating Systems for heat recovery Hot water production Single room heating controls Low volt switch gear, equipment, industrial controls

  Isolator and on-load switch, performance switch, motor protection switch Relay, contactor Command & control switch Storage programmable controls energy distribution, low voltage equipment, middle voltage equipment bus bars, switch cabinets performance electronic Reception antennae and broadband distribution technology

  Information and communication equipment Tools and systems for telecommunication Light call and personnel finder gear Electro acoustic equipment Danger report systems Monitoring systems Components and systems for structured data networks Measuring and test devices, measuring technology House and building automation

  Home automation Buildings automation Facility Management Institutions, organisations, associations

  Trade journals publishers


Form 2007-11-27 to 2007-11-30
Address:Moscow International Exhibition Center (Exhibition Centre Krasnaya Presnya)

  There's something special about Chemspec Events that exhibitors and visitors enjoy above all other shows. It's just a much more manageable and pleasant experience for all. With a focused range of exhibits, easily identified zones and villages, a relaxed, informal, atmosphere with quality "face time", there's no more direct or attractive place for taking orders.

  If you are interested in exhibiting and would like to discuss your requirements with a sales manager, click on the link below to complete an exhibitor enquiry form and a member of the sales team will contact you shortly.

Form 2007-09-12 to 2007-09-13
Address:H&A Columbus SA de CV
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