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How many membership types are there?
There are three membership types: Toocler (Buyer), Toocler (Seller) and GTrust Supplier.
     Toocler (Buyer) is free membership for buyers to post sourcing list , initiate purchase list, negotiate purchase price and invite suppliers.
     Toocler (Seller) is free membership for sellers to join Buyers’Toocles, and bidding in those Toocles.
     GTrust Supplier is paid membership for sellers with many favorable privileges. GTrust Suppliers can be searched and invited by Toocler (Buyer). They have Showrooms to promote their companies and products, and they are always high ranked.

Why register your buyer account?
Toocler (Buyer) can
1. Organize your suppliers by creating your Toocle - Trading Circle.
2. Initiate a purchase lead, then compare instant price offers from my Toocle's suppliers.
3. Negotiate and select the most suitable supplier from my Toocle.
4. Keep archives of all your business activity with suppliers.

How to register as a buyer?
1. Register your buyer account on
2. Create your purchasing inventory and start inviting suppliers to join your Toocle - Trading Circle.
3. Get started buying by entering your purchase request and inviting suppliers to bid.

How to register as a seller?
1. Register your seller account.
2. Create your product catalog.
3. Start searching buyers purchasing list and join their Toocle - Trading Circle.

How can I enter into my showroom?
To enter into your Showroom, you have to upgrade your membership to GTrust Supplier firstly. Please send an email to or call 86-571-88228178, 88228179, 88228180 for upgrading.