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eyefactive GmbH (Multitouch Appstore)
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Transform brands and products into an interactive multimedia experience: Choose from a growing number of customizable multitouch apps from eyefactive’s specialized AppStore for large-scale professional touchscreens.

Interactive Business Apps

First interactive digital signage appstore with a growing number of ready-to-use business apps for effective marketing and collaborative teamwork.

Intuitive MultiTouch Control

Control software the most intuitive way just with your fingers. Use simple hand gestures to move, scale or rotate digital content.


MultiUser Technology

Based on our award-winning multiuser technology, for the first time multiple users are able to control the same application simultaneously together on large-scale touchscreens.

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  • название компании:eyefactive GmbH (Multitouch Appstore)
  • контактное лицо:Vladyslav
  • телефон:49-4103-90 380 0
  • факс:
  • сайт
  • страна\район:Germany
  • адрес:Feldstraße 128, 22880, Wedel, Germany
  • почтовый индекс:22880
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