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    7:24 tapered/no flat end Morse's cone middle sets
    7:24 tapered/no flat end Morse's cone middle sets
  • 7:24 tapered/no flat end Morse's cone middle sets


      Changzhou Yinuo Alloy Tool Co., Ltd. is located in Xixiashu Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. The company is near to Changzhou aviation airport, Shanghai-Nanjing highway, Yangtze River, Changzhou port and Grand Canal. Transport is very convenient.

      Our company has two main products: 1. All kinds of cemented carbide rod material, such as all kinds of rod, various kinds of specification sheet, standard solid sticks, all kinds of strip and Special parts. 2. All kinds of cemented carbide cutting tools, such as reamer, mills, drill, drilling reamer, boring, and set the sword hilt drilling, milling cutter, numerical control woodworking milling cutters, hole processing cutting tool. Meanwhile, we can provide non-standard tools according to customers’requirements.

      Our company is servicing to all the tools entertainments all over the world. And our products are mainly used in automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, transportation, energy, engineering general machinery, IT communication, medical equipment, civilian products, and other fields.

      “Yinuo Alloy Steel”will always insist in the operation principle of“continuous innovation, aggressive and perfection”. We promise that we will give our customer“the most efficient service”.“Quality first, Reputation first”is our company’s tenet. Warmly welcome foreign and domestic customers to come and do business.

    Changzhou Yinuo Alloy Tool Co., Ltd. (China)
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