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prostate electrolytic therapeutic device

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Prostate Electrolytic Therapeutic Apparatus (QDZ-V)

QDZ-V Type of Prostate Electrolytic Therapeutic Apparatus is large medical equipment that cures prostate diseases through urethral intracavity interposition by use of the technology of biologic closed circuit.

Its whole course of work is under computer control to keep a record. The therapeutic apparatus gives biologic ionic current of super physiology, and closed circuit is formed through the therapeutic electrode on the prostate electrolytic therapeutic feeler in urethra in prostate part, prostate, intravesical fluid, and prostate electrolytic therapeutic feeler intracavity electrode. Bioelectrochemistry only takes effect on dissolution and liquefaction of prostate tissue without any influence upon non-target organs such as bladder and distant urethra as well as vital organs such as heart, liver, kidney and brain.

QDZ-V Type of Prostate Electrolytic Therapeutic Apparatus is brand-new therapeutic equipment of intracavity interposition. It is the only new technology that provides dissolution and liquefaction treatment to tissues without heat generation in the world.

QDZ-V Type of Prostate Electrolytic Therapeutic Apparatus may be simply and safely operated without any pain in the course of treatment. There is no need to be anaesthetized or hospitalized. Patients at advanced ages with the complication of retention of urine may receive safely treatment as long as they may tolerate operations of urethral catheterization.

It is large medical equipment that is suitable for medical units at different levels to treat prostate diseases in clinic. It is convenient to use the prostate electrolytic therapeutic feeler that has been strictly sterilized before it leaves the factory.

Technical Data: 1 Maximum output voltage of therapeutic apparatus is not more than 30V.

2 Output current of therapeutic apparatus is continuously adjustable within 0mA ~ 99mA, error rate of indicating value does not exceed???2%.

3 Electric quantity of therapeutic apparatus is set up within 200C ~ 600C, and set precision of electric quantity does not exceed???3%.

4 When finish setting up electric quantity or artificially end treatment of therapeutic apparatus, it can be shut down automatically with acousto-optic alert.

5 When open or short current of output end of therapeutic apparatus, therapeutic apparatus shall automatically cut off the output current with acousto-optic alert.

6 Therapeutic apparatus can operate for less than 8 hours under normal working condition.

7 LCD screen of therapeutic apparatus can display various parameters, curve diagram of current capacity during treatment.

8 Therapeutic apparatus can automatically record various parameters during treatment, such as: event, current time, basic current, basic voltage, current consumption, etc.

9 Therapeutic instrument has two sets of low priority alarm function which are respectively short circuit alarm and open circuit alarm in method of acousto-optic alert.

10 All alerts of therapeutic apparatus are smart.

11 Monitor output end of therapeutic apparatus, and combine with sophisticated algorithms to determine alarm state.

12 Alarms shall operate simultaneously without affecting each other when two-way are under short circuit or open circuit at the same time.

13 Warning conditions, methods and priorities can not be adjusted.

14 Probe should be sterilized through recognized sterilization process, sterile.

15 If sterilized with ethylene oxide, ethylene oxide residues should not exceed 10 g / g.

16 Safety requirement shall comply with GB/9706.1 " Medical electrical equipment Part 1: General requirements for safety".

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Production Capacity: 200 Set/Sets per Month
Payment Terms: T/T
Brand Name: QDZ-V
Place of Origin: China

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