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Guangzhou Junmei Lighting Co., Ltd. (China Supplier)
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Guangzhou Junmei Lighting Co., Ltd.

Mr Zhu

Add: Huadu District Yayao Yayao Road (across from kindergarten center town Yayao) ()
Phone: 0086-135-33323389
Fax: 0086-20-86822399
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Guangzhou Junmei Lighting Co., Ltd.

  Guangzhou Junmei Lighting Co., Ltd. is located in the town Yayao, Huadu,Guangzhou, where environment is beautiful,transportation is convenient .It is mainly engaged in indoor lighting products’researching ,developing, producting and marketing. The company is based on the Lighting industry for perfect product quality and after-sales services.The company has strong capability of product development and independent innovation. After years of exploration,we have a variety of lighting series, including the series of simple modern floor lamp and table lamp and other series of modern Europe and the United States etc.Our products sell well in United States, Britain, Germany, Spain, Russia and other countries. In order to meet the needs of growing domestic lighting market, we development a variety of domestic lighting Lamps,meeting the demand of consumer , Integrating Chinese and foreign cultures,combinating with the cutting-edge technology, which are both luxury and energy-saving.

  we have various table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamp, chandelier, Children lighting, safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, species diversity,complete specifications, Rational design, style novel, unique, widely used in household residence, hotels, clubs, large-scale construction of the stadiums an so on.Company also can product according to the customer’s need.Company is committed to: talk about integrity, keeping promises and reasonable price, superior quality, delivery timely and correctly.We are welcome if you come to our company or contact and cooperat with us!

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Contact Information:
   Add: Huadu District Yayao Yayao Road (across from kindergarten center town Yayao)
   Contact: Mr Zhu
   Tel: 0086-135-33323389
   Fax: 0086-20-86822399
   Email: Send email Message
   URL: www.junmeilighting.com

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