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Wuxi Baizhou Textile Technology Co., Ltd. (China Supplier)
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Polyester staple fiber

Polyester staple fiber

  Category: Textiles & Leather Products/Fiber/Polyester Fiber




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Description for Polyester staple fiber:

1) Size: 1.4D-15D
2) Cut length: 32-152mm
3) Tenacity: >4.3CN/dtex
4) Abnormal fiber: < 300mg/100g
5) Oil pick up: 0.15%...
Material: 100% recycled PET (OR +30% VIRGIN PET CHIP)
1) spinning yarns Ne 8-60s, open-end or ring-spun
2) non-wovens, thermal bonding, collodion, needle punching,
3) padding for toys, sofas, bedding, etc.
Packing: In Bale
MOQ: 25MT/40'HQ

Basic Product Details

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    Contact:  Mr Ye
    Tel:  0086-510-88203290
    Fax:  0086-510-88701356
    Address:  1804 B Block,Jewel International Center, NO.20 Dongting Middle Rd. Wuxi ,P.R China
    Zip:  214101
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