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Jdsplus Technology Co.,Ltd (China Supplier)
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  Category: Electrical Equipment & Supplies/Power Accessories

  Spec: FL7M-1P5D6-Z

  Packing: box

  Usage: We are Shenzhen Jdsplus Technology Co.,Ltd in China, we supply Omron, Mitsubishi PLC parts, if you need them, please feel free to contact me, Tel: 86-755-28623357 Fax: 86-755-28621143 Email:jdslucy@vip.126.com

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Description for FL7M-1P5D6-Z:

FL2R-7K6S-L5 FL2S-4J6HD FL2S-4J6HD-CN03 FL2S-4J6HD-F FL2S-4J6HD-L2 FL2S-4J6HD-L3 FL2S-4J6HD-L5 FL2S-4J6HD-R FL2S-4J6HD-R2 FL2S-4J6HD-R5 FL2S-4J6SD FL2S-4J6SD-CN03 FL2S-4J6SD-CN03F FL2S-4J6SD-F FL2S-4J6SD-L2 FL2S-4J6SD-L3 FL2S-4J6SD-L3F FL2S-4J6SD-L5 FL2S-4J6SD-R FL2S-4K6H FL2S-4K6H-L2 FL2S-4K6H-L2F FL2S-4K6H-L3 FL2S-4K6H-L5 FL2S-4K6S FL2S-4K6S-CN03 FL2S-4K6S-F FL2S-4K6S-L2 FL2S-4K6S-L3 FL2S-4K6S-L5 FL2S-4K6S-L5F FL7M-10A6-L5Z FL7M-10A6-Z FL7M-10B6-L5Z FL7M-10B6-Z FL7M-10D6-L5Z FL7M-10D6-Z FL7M-10E6-Z FL7M-10J6D-CN FL7M-10J6D-CN03AZ FL7M-10J6D-CN03Z FL7M-10J6D-CN05AZ FL7M-10J6D-CN05Z FL7M-10J6D-CN1Z FL7M-10J6D-CNA FL7M-10J6D-L10Z FL7M-10J6D-L3Z FL7M-10J6D-L5Z FL7M-10J6D-R5Z FL7M-10J6D-RZ FL7M-10J6D-Z FL7M-10J6W-CN03AZ FL7M-10J6W-CN03Z FL7M-10J6W-CN05AZ FL7M-10J6W-CN05Z FL7M-10Y6WET-CN03 FL7M-10J6W-R5Z FL7M-10J6W-RZ FL7M-10K6-CN FL7M-10K6-CN03Z FL7M-10K6-L5Z FL7M-10K6WECN03TZ FL7M-10K6WE-CN03Z FL7M-10K6WE-R5Z FL7M-10K6WE-RZ FL7M-10K6-Z FL7M-10T2S FL7M-10T2S-CN1 FL7M-10T2S-L1 FL7M-10T2S-L5 FL7M-10T7D-CN03Z FL7M-10T7D-CNGZ FL7M-10T7D-CNZ FL7M-10T7D-L5Z FL7M-10T7D-Z FL7M-10W6DT-CN03Z FL7M-10W6DT-CN05Z FL7M-10W6DT-CN1Z FL7M-10W6DT-L5Z FL7M-10W6DT-Z FL7M-10W6WTCN03TZ FL7M-10W6WT-CN03Z FL7M-10W6WT-R5Z FL7M-10W6WT-RZ FL7M-14J6ND-CN03Z FL7M-14J6ND-CNZ FL7M-14J6ND-L5Z FL7M-14J6ND-Z FL7M-14K6N-L5Z FL7M-14K6N-Z FL7M-15W6 FL7M-15W6-CN03 FL7M-15Y6 FL7M-15Y6-CN03 FL7M-15Y6W-910 FL7M-1P5A6-CN03Z FL7M-1P5A6-L5Z FL7M-1P5A6-Z FL7M-1P5B6-L5Z FL7M-1P5B6-Z FL7M-1P5D6-L5Z FL7M-1P5D6-Z FL7M-1P5E6-L5Z FL7M-1P5E6-Z FL7M-1P5J6D FL7M-20J6ND-CN03Z FL7M-20J6ND-CNZ

Basic Product Details
    Place of Origin: Japan
    Brand Name: yamatake
    Model Number: FL7M-1P5D6-Z

Contact Us:
    Contact:  Mr Lucy Cheng
    Tel:  86-755-28623357
    Fax:  86-755-28621143
    Email:  jdslucy@vip.126.com
    Website:  http://www.jdsplus.com/en
    Address:   Longgang. Shenzhen,guangdong province, china
    Zip:  518173
    If the " FL7M-1P5D6-Z" don't fit what you're looking for, please go to our sourcing platform.

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