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TV Mirror Glass Specifications: Thickness: 5mm,6mm Size: 2440x3660mm( max. ) Color: silver color, gold color,grey color. Process: 1. tempered 2. bevelling 3. cut to size 4. edge polish App
FRP cable trays are replacing traditional cable trays gradually because of lightweight, easy installation, high strength and corrosion resistance.
FRP fencing is mainly used for bridge, electrical substation, road divider, garden and other open spaces where quick installation is needed.
FRP handrails can be used for staircases, platforms, walkways and bridge decking because of high strength and solid structure.
Pultruded FRP gratings are mainly used for platforms, walkways, flooring, bridge decking and trench cover because of high loading capacity.
Solid top FRP gratings are widely used for duct cover, trench cover, working platform, walkway, bridge decking and cable duct cover.
Molded FRP gratings are used for platforms, walkways, staircases, trench covers, fencing, bridge decking and flooring because of solid structure.
Tube FRP profiles are used for corrosive pipelines in chemical plants and insulating tubes in electric and telecommunication industry.
Rectangular FRP profiles are mainly used for staircases, walkways, platforms and ladders because of high loading capacity and solid structure.