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    List of spice blends 1 Amritsari Fish Masala 2 Arabic – Baharat Spice 3 Arabic – Coffee Spice 4 Arabic – Edam Spice 5 Arabic – Kapsa Spice 6 Arabic – Shwarma Spice 7 Arabic – Zaatar Spice 8 Balti Ghost Masala 9 Bengal Fish Curry Masala 10 Bunny Chow Spice 11 Butter Chicken Masala 12 Chana Pindi Masala 13 Channa Masala 14 Channa Ussal/Missal Masala 15 Chat Masala Special 16 Chat Masala Supreme 17 Chettinad Masala 18 Chicken Biryani 19 Chicken Kebab 20 Chicken Korma Masala 21 Chicken Masala 22 Chicken Tikka Masala 23 Chicken/Meat Roast Masala 24 Chicken/Meat Korma Masala 25 Chinese 5 Spice 26 Chip’s Spice 27 Chole Masala 28 Creole Spice 29 Curry Powder 30 Dal Fry Masala 31 Dal Makhani Masala 32 Dalcha Gosht Masala 33 Dhansak Masala (Parsi) 34 East African Curry Powder (Hot) 35 East African Curry Powder (Mild) 36 East Indian (Bombay) Masala 37 Egg Korma Masala (North Indian Style) 38 Fish Finger Spice 39 Fish Fry (Koliwada) Masala 40 Fish/Prawn Tikka Spice 41 Crab Boil Spice 42 Goan Caldinho Fish Curry Spice 43 Goan Chicken Cafreal Powder 44 Goan Fish Amot-Tik Masala 45 Goan Fish Cafreal Powder 46 Goan Fish Curry Masala 47 Goan Meat Baffado Powder 48 Goan Prawn Balchao Masala 49 Goan Prawn Samaren 50 Goan Recheio/Rechado Masala 51 Goan Saraswat Garam Masala 52 Goan Saraswat Xacuti Masala 53 Goan Sausage Masala 54 Goan Seafood Masala 55 Goan Shrimp/Fish Xacuti Masala 56 Goan Sorpotel Masala 57 Goan Vindaloo Masala 58 Goan Xacuti Powder 59 Hyderabad Biryani Masala 60 Hyderabad Garam Masala 61 Hyderabad Murg Mussalam 62 Hyderabadi Haleem Masala 63 Hyderabadi Nawabi Rashmi Chicken 64 Jalfrezi Masala 65 Kadai Gosht Masala 66 Kakori Kebab Masala 67 Kalmi Kebab Masala 68 Kebab Masala 69 Kerala Chicken Masala 70 Kerala Fish Curry Masala 71 Kerala Mutton Masala 72 Kitchen King Masala 73 Kitchen Queen Masala 74 Kolhapuri Masala 75 Lemon & Rosemary 76 Madras Chicken Masala 77 Malabar Chicken Masala 78 Malabar Fish (stuffing) Spice 79 Malwani Masala 80 Mangalore Bafat Masala 81 Mangalore Fish Curry Masala 82 Massaman (Thai) Spice 83 Meat (Mutton) Masala 84 Moghlai Masala 85 Mulligatawny Soup Spice 86 Murg Musallam Masala 87 Mutton Biryani 88 Mutton Kheema Masala 89 Nehari Masala 90 North Indian Mutton Masala 91 Panch Phoran (Bengali) Mix 92 Paneer Masala 93 Pav Bhaji Masala 94 Piri Piri (African) Spice 95 Potato Snack Masala 96 Pulao Masala 97 Quick Channa Masala 98 Rajmah Masala 99 Rasam Powder 100 Rogan Josh Masala 101 Roque’s Pepper Steak Spice 102 Roque’s Spl Green Masala 103 Samarkhand Boti Kebab Spice 104 Sambar Masala 105 Seekh Kebab Spice 106 Shikampuri Kebab Spice 107 Spl. Garam Masala 108 Spl. Mutton Masala 109 Supreme Garam Masala 110 Tandoori Chat Masala 111 Tandoori Chicken Masala 112 Tangy Herbal Blend 113 Tea Masala 114 Tempura Spice Powder 115 Terriyaki Sauce Spice 116 Vegetable Biryani Masala 117 Vegetable Korma Masala 118 Vegetable Makhanwala Masala 119 Vegetable’s Masala 120 White (Shahi) Spice A LITTLE ABOUT BALBINA’S KSC SPICE BLENDS Balbina is a Home Science Graduate from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai. She spent several years researching & studying about spices, she says, “spices are like people in a group, each with their own personality. Amalgamation of spices without identifying their personality can be disastrous”. Having given the Housewives and the food enthusiasts some really easy to use Hassle free – Spice Blends, today Balbina is working closely with several Food Services MNC’s & Corporate Houses customizing Spice Blends for Exotic foods, Retort foods, Rubs that convert into marinades for Fish, Chicken & Meats (frozen/chilled), spice flavorings for cakes, puddings & ice-creams, Various Spice & Herbal seasonings for Pastas, Pizza’s and scores of other applications. The feather in the cap has been the development of Pasta Flavors – Serial Prototypes for ITC Food Division, Bangalore. India Another first has been the Rubs that easily convert into Marinades with addition of only water. This concept has added true value to Chicken / Fish / Meat sold in Supermarkets with only natural ingredients. (The apply & Fry/BBQ/Grill concept) Balbina is popularly known as the Real “Masala Queen” “Mistress of Spices” “Curry Queen” “Bhojan Mein Swad Jagane Wali Mahila”. Balbina’s KSC Spice Blends have also won several awards & felicitations… 1. Best Product Developed by an Indian in the Small Scale Industry – Jointly by Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Government of Maharashtra. 2. Best & most prominent entrepreneur of Goa 2004 – awarded by Goan Review Art Foundation, Goa for simplifying the complicated “Goan Cuisine”. 3. Featured in the Book of “Women Entrepreneurs In India” by Nisiet, an organization of the Union Ministry of SSI. 4. Featured in the Hotel and Food Service Magazine as the ‘preferred vendor’ in the hospitality industry. 5. Selected by Ms. Rashmi Uday Singh to showcase and demo her products at the Mumbai Festival 2005 between 14 – 23 Jan 05. 6. Featured in the Times Good Food Guide, launched on June 03, 2005 at the Hilton Towers, Mumbai, which gave Balbina’s KSC products a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating and simply said “Welcome to the Mecca of Masala” For several years Balbina carried out her research & ran her business from her home. The demand for her pure products steadily grew and she simply could not cope with orders from her home. In the year 2003 Konkan Spices & CurryMakers was established. What she did was - brought back quality spice powders into the commercial market free from fillers, preservatives, artificial colours or chemicals. She says “with the advent of the price wars – manufacturers and dealers in spice powders reduced the potency of spices by adding cheap not so easy to detect fillers” she adds “if you are using pure spices, you don’t need more than 10 – 12g of spices to cook 1kg of foodstuff’ (vegetables, white meats, red meats etc.). Armed with this basic researched information and samples of the KSC’s real thing she invaded the 5 star hotels, corporate canteens, bulk food manufacturers and even super/hypermarkets. The chef’s and bulk food manufacturers were rattled and shocked to learn that for years their regular suppliers have taken them for a cool ride. In fact she told the world about the harmful artificial colors in spice powders much before the world woke up to Sudan colors. What she further demonstrated was that if you use the Real thing then your consumption of spices in your preparations comes down drastically. Further, the taste of the food is enhanced and the food does not spoil very soon.. That’s where the economy lies. Buying poor quality spice products at a cheaper rate surely ensures a psychological gain but in reality it is an economical drain. The Hotel’s Unit Cost Controllers, Material Managers & Chef’s unanimously agreed and today KSC is welcomed wherever they go. Balbina’s KSC Spice Blends bring aromatic freshness of spices back to your kitchen, because of the unique style of processing & blending the spices, an art used by our ancestors but perfected by her. No wonder! When you cook food with Balbina’s KSC Spice Blends all around enquire, “Wow! What’s cooking?” Future Plans: Primarily making Balbina’s KSC Spice Blends, Spice Powders, Rubs/Marinades & Seasonings a part of every Kitchen in India and all over the Globe. Balbina Pinto has developed several products to date for Corporates & MNC's. 1) ITC's - Sunfeast Masala Pasta was developed and re-engineered by me. 2) Simple Simon Foods Pvt. Ltd. - Ten Pie Filling Blends were developed for them. This is an Australian company manufacturing Pie's in India. 3) Shoprite South Africa - Developed 11 Spice Blends for their Meat & Fish Market (Value Addition Products "VAP") 4. HyperCity Malad - Developed 5 Spice Blends for their Meat Market (VAP) 5) Currently developing a series of instant blends for 'Selmax' Exports Pvt. Ltd. Highlights **** A Successful Entrepreneur, manufacturing exporters of Spice Blends, Rubs & marinades, Seasonings and Spice flavorings (for cakes, pastries, breads etc). based in Mumbai - the brand name "Balbina's KSC Spice Blends". We have exported 78 varieties of spice blends, marinades, seasoning in 100g and 200g pet jars to UK. We are currently in the finalisation stage of 21 Spice Blend Exports to South Africa +++ A Little about Balbina Pinto: Balbina is a Home Science Graduate - Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai. Here is where the basic foundation was laid. Having the skills and learning the art of blending spices came through dedicated research. No wonder - "Balbina is known as India's Spice Scientist" Truely a one Stop destination for all Spice Solutions +++ In a prestigious Upper Crust magazine --- "For the best blends, spices and marinades look no further than Balbina Pinto. This spice scientist believes that spices are like people, each with their own individual personality. INDIRA RODERICKS checks out her range of exotic flavours." +++ We customize any spice flavors for snacks, curries, marinades Vegetarian /Non Vegetarian as per the requirement and palate. +++ Optional - Konkan Spices & CurryMakers could manufacture and supply the developed products to you. KSC currently supplies products to "SkyGourmet Flight Kitchen" where they prepare 29000 meals per day. KSC also supplies Spice Powders and Spice Blends to the Godrej Canteen - 3000 regular meals per day. Our PRODUCT ensures QUALITY, CONSISTENCY, PURITY, VALUE FOR MONEY, OPTIMUM TASTE , ECONOMY AND CONSUMER SATISFACTION. Our product are free from fillers, artificial colors, preservatives or harmful chemicals. It is the real thing in its purest form. We (Konkan Spices and Currymakers have solely created developed customized and standardized a wide range of pie fillings (Non Veg - Veg and flavored aromatic natural spice) for the Australian company Simple Simon Foods Pvt Ltd under the command of Mr Tony Moroney and Mr Nelson Pinto (Directors) for the benefit of the Indian market keeping in mind Indian Taste and acceptance. These pie products as well as our KSC regular and exotic spice blends were showcased at the World Trade Centre for the High Profile Femina Carnival Event organized by Femina (Times of India) from 14th November to 17th November 2007 The consumer has to use minimum spice to get maximum results. e.g. 100g of chicken spice blend can prepare 8kg raw chicken ( 4 level tsp 10 - 12 g for 1 kg raw chicken/ meats) We do have herbal spice blends applicable for processed chicken/meat products.(chicken burgers/chicken sausage etc) ****We (Konkan Spices & CurryMakers) had been for a documentary film shooting on spices of India and its historical background. We were given the opportunity to take part in a role , to speak on the subject and to showcase our wide range of Indian spice blends in retail pet jars 100g, 200gand 1 kg bulk aluminum foil pack.for viewing and to create awareness to the global food industry. It is the real thing in its purest form. The topic of interview: What is a spice blend and the role of spices in giving the desired, authentic , original and optimum taste applicable to community cusine of India. A Blend is a mixture of individual spices - commonly known in India as a Masala. Blending is done on How the basic spices plays its distinctive role in making of a blend for either chicken, meat, fish or vegetables.through recognizing analyzing and identifying the Enzymes present in the desired food and how they behave with the natural characteristics present in each spice. This process gives Consistency , Standardization, Structural uniformity of the blend today, tomorrow and forever in a Scientific Method. ++++++++ This documentary film will enter 125 countries of the world through the external affairs ministry of India ++++++ Thanking you in advance,. Best Wishes and Regards , \ Balbina Pinto, Proprietor BSc Home Sc.(Nirmala Niketan - Mumbai) - Spice & Blend Consultant Creator- Developer, Customize of Spice & herbal Blends, For ready- To Eat. Exotic Foods, Pastas, Rubs & Marinades A specialist in Goan, Indian, Arabic, Latin American - Spice & Herbal Blends As well as - Spice Flavorings for Cakes, Puddings & Spice Creams Mob/Cell: +91-9869460433 Full style company address: M/s Konkan Spices & Currymakers 41, Khurana Compound, I B Patel Road Goregaon East Mumbai 400 063 India Tel & Fax: +91-22-26853403 / 26326311 / 26348178 Email: website: (under construction) Mr Sydney Pinto Chief Executive Cell No: +91-9821175432

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