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Type the title here Shenzhen Leaflife Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015 year, is a R&D, manufacturing and marketing medical company, which produce medical laser equipment, beauty equipment, home use beauty devices and core components such as lasers, chips, etc..The products have been sold to more than 50 countries, annual sales tens of millions RMB.As an innovation-oriented new technology-based company, owns strong R&D power, the first fiber coupled diode laser technology is the breakthrough of diode la...
  • 1470W High Power Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine(fiber hr ii)
    Overview Fiber HR II is latest 1470W 810nm fiber coupled diode laser for hair removal and more applications, compared with normal diode laser, Fiber HR II put laser generator in machine inside not in hand piece. So energy and heat transfer are released by fiber. Normal diode laser's hand piece is heavy, expensive but frail, but Fiber HR II's is light and strong. So its hand piece can reach much longer lifespan 50 million shots, is durable with nothing consumable. Latest designed screen has four treatment mode, fast, stamp, classical and custom mode, which meet more types of users’ operation by professional and full parameters. Fiber HR II can add two more spot sizes of 4mm and 60mm for more applications like moles, pigment and pain relief treatment etc. High power 1470W can reach more effective, safe and comfortable treatment to light-colored skin by much stronger power and narrow pulse.     Over 50 million shots’ lifespan       Light hand piece and Sapphire contact cooling       Uniform energy distribution       3 spot sizes(12mm, 60mm, 4mm) with more Applications( New handle) Parameters   Laser type Fiber Coupled Diode Laser Wavelength 810nm Laser power 1470W Pulse width 5-800ms Energy density 1-100J/cm2 Frequency 1-10Hz Skin type I-VI Operation mode Repeat, Stamp, Classic, Custom Screen 10inch LCD Spot size 12mm*12mm; 4mm; 60mm Cooling type Sapphire contact cooling Cooling temperature ≤5℃ Size 430*500*870 mm Net weight 30KG
    Shenzhen Leaflife Technology Co., Ltd.
  • planar led hair removal machine
      Overview Planar LED Mini(Portable LED hair removal machine) features Leaflife’s latest hair removal technology – LED hair removal, an international patent technology. Planar LED Mini also uses light wavelength 780 – 850nm mainly absorbed by melanin in follicle, with an small to 15° light’s divergence angle, is safe and highly effective for hair removal, even the dark skin.     The world’s first high-power LED equipment for hair removal!       Up to 100 million shots’ lifespan!       Japanese and International Patent Technology!       Over 8 years’ stable use without any consumable!      
    Shenzhen Leaflife Technology Co., Ltd.