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Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd(ZGIEC) specializes in glass factory design, engineering technology service, total engineering contracting for international project(turn key project), glass mechanical equipments manufacturing and installation of glass production line for float glass, sheet glass and figured glass. ZGIEC has designing,equipment manufacturing, international project and comprehensive departments as well as glass mechanical equipments manufacturing base. ZGIEC has rich technology strength. We have doctors and senior engineers in our...
  • Cross Cutting Machine
    Cross Cutting Machine Main technical index: 1. The cutting accuracy: ±0.5mm 2. The cutting thickness: 1.0~19mm 3. The biggest cutting width: 4800mm 4. The range of the cutting ribbon length: 600~10000mm
    Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd.
  • Cold End Cutting line
    After a dozen times of improvements, the cold end equipments designed and manufactured by ZGIEC have become the approved product and have been installed onto many production lines. It adopts frequency modulation and speed regulation system and servo system and has stepless transmitting speed variation and stable operation. Touch screen is adopted and easy to operate. Main Technical Index:   1. The radial direction run-out of the conveying roller is ≤  0.1 mm. 2. The static balance of the conveying roller is ≤ 1kg. 3. The deflection of the roller is ≤ 1mm. 4. The error of center line balance of any roller is ≤ 1mm. 5. The  whole length relative error of level wave is l≤ ±1mm. 6. The whole length glass deviation of the cold end roller is ≤ 20mm.
    Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd.
  • Annealing Lehr
    Used for the annealing of float glass and figured glass production line, it includes the shell of the annealing lehr, transmission, rollers, cooling system, electric heating system and control system. The main technical index: 1.  Suitable for gross ribbon width: 1000mm-5400mm; 2.  Suitable for gross ribbon thickness: 1.5mm-19mm; 3.  Linear speed of annealing lehr roller: 80-1500M/H (stepless speed variation) 4.  Diameter of annealing lehr roller: 150mm-365mm
    Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd.
  • top roller at tin bath
    The top roller installed at the both sides of the tin bath can effectively control the width and thickness of the gross glass ribbon. The main technical index: 1. The thickness of glass sheet:1.0-19mm 2. The horizontal oscillative angle of knurl: ±19 3. The accuracy of knurl’s oscillative angle: ±0.1 4. The linear speed of rotating knurl: 10-1500m/h 5. The linear speed accuracy of knurl: ±0.01% 6.The radial direction run-out should be no more than 0.2mm 7. The accuracy of knurl’s pressed-depth: ±0.1mm 8. The Max. buried depth for knurl (inside the bath): 2000mm The above index can be adjusted as per the client’s requirement.
    Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd.
  • L-shaped wall used at furnace doghouse.
    L-shaped wall used at furnace doghouse. With its safe structure and long service life, the suspended back wall serves as one of the essential measures for prolonging the whole furnace life. The distance between the foot line of L-shaped wall and top surface of sidewall is short, which allows thinner batch feeding so that the batch can be melted more easily. It can also reduce fire and batch running at the charge end and hence energy can be saved and environment improved. Its service life can reach above 10 years.
    Zhongyuan Glass Industry Equipments Co., Ltd.