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Jiangsu China-Electric Pump Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

  Basic information

  Jiangsu China-Electric Pump Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is located in beautiful Jingjiang City of Jiangsu Province. Its predecessor is Jingjiang City, the valve manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in November, 1996, with register capital of RMB 80 million Yuan. In September, 2014, it was reformed and changed into present name. Our company is professional in production and sale of no-sealing self-priming pump, long axis submerged pump, pump related fittings, heat resistant and wear resistant steel products, and electric appliance automatic control system. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrated of scientific research, development, manufacturing, application, sale and service.

  Products and achievement

  “Zhongdian”brand products cover domestic steel, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection engineering, and sewage treatment fields.

  1.In steel industry,

  Wuhan Steel, Tangshan Songting Steel, Xining Special Steel, Shandong Taishan Steel, Liuzhou Steel, Shandong Rizhao Steel, Liaoning Beixi Steel, Liaoning Lingyuan Steel, Guangdong Steel Group, Xinyu Steel Company, Shijiazhuang Steel, Liugang Group, Baogang Group, Xiangtan Steel, XiNan Stainless Steel, Liagang Company, Nanchang Steel, Honghe Steel, Qingdao Steel, Wuhan Steel, Pangang Group, Rizhao Steel, Taishan Steel, Shandong Laiwu Steel

  2.In electric power industry

  Jiangsu NanRe Electricity Generation, Inner Mongolia Shangdu Electricity Generation, Changchun 1st Thermal Electricity, Hebei Yuhua Electric Power, Huarun Nanjing Thermal Electricity, Baotou 3rd Thermal Electricity, Baiyin Huakengkou Power Plant, Inner Mongolia Sulige Power Plant, Liaoning Tieling Power Plant

  3.In pharmaceutical industry

  Shenzhen Huakang Biotechnology, Shandong Qilu Pharmacy, Anhui Dongsheng Pharmacy

  Enterprise quality guarantee system

  1.Quality management system: Our company established complete quality management system. We adopt advanced ERP management software and formulate scientific quality control manual, to realize maximum optimization of corporation resources. We carefully and strictly carry out testing from raw material, product parts and fittings to finished products.

  2.“Zhongdian”series products mainly adopt international standard GB/T5656-2008, industrial standard and enterprise standard. All our products are attached with quality conformance certificate and maintenance instructions after delivery inspection. Main inspection content: pump flow, lift, axis power, noise, vibration, self-priming time, oil paint packaging and so on.

  Enterprise technical system

  1.Our company has powerful technical development capacity. In addition, we have a research team with professional background and rich experience. Its research background touches upon mechanical design, mould design and hydraulic design etc.

  2.In addition, our company has advanced production equipment, complete testing instrument. We can manufacture cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and other nonmetal material pump.

  3.Our company cooperates with universities and research institutes, such as, Jiangsu University, Shanghai Water Pump Research Institute, Beijing Technology, University, Jiangsu Electric Power Design Institute, Huadong Electric Power Design Institute, Zhongnan Electric Power Design Institute, Xibei Electric Power Design Institute. Based on cooperation, we have successfully developed new products and new material.

  4.What’s more, we do our best to strengthen our cooperation with domestic colleagues. By introduction of domestic and abroad advanced technologies, our comprehensive capacity has been improved by large scale.

  After-sale service tenet

  Jiangsu China-Electric Pump Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. sets up branch offices and service centers in nationwide large and middle size cities, in order to provide customers with timely and satisfied service. In addition, we provide fittings and installation guidance perennially. We also help wide users to train technical staff. We implement“three guarantees”within 1year if there is any quality problem.

  We promise you of free installation guidance, lifelong service, delivery within 24 hours within province and 48 hours for out-province customers. After-sale service hotline: +86-523-81167566.

  Insisting on policy of“scientific management, superior quality and satisfied service”, Jiangsu China-Electric Pump Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. would like to feedback wide customers and the society with better and better products and service.

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