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China (Weihai) Fishing Gear Manufacturing Center Expo (CGC EXPO)

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China (Weihai) Fishing Gear Manufacturing Center Expo (CGC EXPO)

  • City:
  • Weihai
  • Organizer:
  • Weihai Pan-Sino Exhibition Co. Ltd
  • undertaker:
  • Sustainer:
  • Exhibition:
  • Expo Date:
  • 2009-10-22 - 2009-10-25
  • Post Date:
  • 2009-07-27
  • Venue:
  • Weihai International Exhibition Center ( WIEC )


The show is held in Weihai city, the largest fishing gear manufacturing base in China. More than 600 fishing gear manufactories locate in Weihai, which enable you to source the products right in the factories directly saving lots of your time and money. Weihai, among lots of tackle making centers in China, is undoubtedly the biggest one with geographic superiority, industrial advantage, as well as complete, sound industrial chain. Tackle industry in Weihai features a full industrial chain ranging from tackle equipment, raw material, tackle accessories, to kinds of fishing tackles. Particularly, Weihai companies have rich experience in R&D and production of such raw materials as carbon fibre material, nanometer material, as well as fiberglass material.

Contact Details:

  • Contact Person:
  • Tel:
  • +86-10-5820 3101
  • Fax:
  • Website:

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