Tripsolar Steel Solar Carport

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Industry Category: Energy/Solar-Energy-Products/Solar-Energy-Systems
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Brand: Tripsolar
Spec: Customized for you

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Tripsolar Solar Carport is developed for both solar system and offering car parking. 4500 square meters China factory made, low price, fast delivery. Hot dip galvanized steel, corrosion resistance, 10years warranty; Simple and Patented Tripsolar Rack structure make mountings easy to use; Highly pre-assembled components greatly save the labor cost for installers; Outstanding quality of stainless steel and Aluminum ensure the most durable brackets. All above properties help this system achieved a great market throughout the world.

Tilt Angle: 0deg ~ 10 deg
Max Wind Speed: up to 60m/s
Snow Load: up to1.4KN/㎡
Main Material: Aluminum alloy & Galvanized Steel
Anti-corrosive: Anodized & Galvanized
Warranty: Ten years warranty

Industry Category Energy/Solar-Energy-Products/Solar-Energy-Systems
Product Category
Brand: Tripsolar
Spec: Customized for you