High-Performance Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries felt Trusted manufacture

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Industry Category: Minerals-Metallurgy/Graphite-Products/Other-Graphite-Products
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Brand: guiwo

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Our battery felt is an ultra-high quality PAN-based graphite felt with specialized fibers and weave that has been treated to achieve high liquid wetting and absorption.
This material was specially developed for the demanding needs of flow battery applications. Our proprietary activation process increases active sites and surface area to over 1000+ M2/g.
The felt weave results in a smoother surface and a more homogeneous structure for more stable and consistent electrical performance.
The battery felt  is currently a custom run product and can be optimized for the application.

Industry Category Minerals-Metallurgy/Graphite-Products/Other-Graphite-Products
Product Category
Brand: guiwo