HCJ3 7.2kv 630A vacuum interrupter for vacuum contactors

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Industry Category: Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Switches/Other-Switches
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Brand: JUCRO

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HCJ3 7.2kv 630A vacuum interrupter for vacuum contactors

1. Brief introduction

The interrupter adoption porcelain and ceramics makes to insulate the outer shell. Contact is WCCu metal alloy material advanced technique of adoption Including bulk small. Breaking the abiliting strong the life span is long maintenance is simple .no explosion dangerous no contaminate and the noise is low . The pack vacuum contactor can operate the ebery kind of electric appliances equipments, and fuse match f-c cabinet


 2. Vacuum Tube main technique parameter

Rated voltage: 7.2 kv

Rated current: 630A

Rated making current: 6.3KA

Rated breaking current: 5.04KA

Limiting breaking current: 6.3KA

Rated short-time withstand current: 6.3KA

Rated short-time withstand voltage: 32 kv

Rated lighting impulse voltage: 60 kv

Circuit resistance at lowest rated contacts force: ≤80μΩ

Electrical life: 250,000 times

Mechanical life: 500,000 times

Closing force due to bellows and atmosphere: 70±20 N

Force required to hold contacts open at full stroke: 100±30 N

Limiting abrasion of contacts: 3 mm

Internal gas pressure: ≤1.33×10-3 Pa

Storage life: 20 years

Industry Category Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Switches/Other-Switches
Product Category
Brand: JUCRO
Origin: China / Hubei / Yichangshi