Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads


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Product Description

Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads


Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads are made of multilayer Neoprene/EPDM/natural rubber with or without sheet steel after inlay, conglutinate, vulcanization. It has enough vertical stiffness to support vertical load, and it could deliver the pressure of superstructure to abutment. 

Rubber material elastomeric bearing pads for bridges is finding ever increasing application in today's construction industry-as local load carrying components.




Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads can be used for steel structures, pre-cast concrete structures, standard concrete slabs, and anywhere needs vibratuin isolation. This type of pad is particularly effective in the presence of camber and rotation causing high stress loading on the bearings.  This type of bearings provide an excellent economic solution for applications where structure movements, longitudinal, transverse and rotational are small, provide vibration isolation and are generally simple to install.

Industry Category Rubber-Plastics/Rubber-Products/Other-Rubber-Products
Product Category
Brand: no
Spec: as customers' requirements
Origin: China / Hebei / Hengshuishi