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K120HTD 2L Sonic Eyeglass Cleaning Bath Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner

$ 75

Home Appliances/Cleaning Appliances/Ultrasonic Cleaners

K230HTD 3L Digital Heated Sonic Bath Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

$ 112

Home Appliances/Cleaning Appliances/Ultrasonic Cleaners

K340HTD 4L Small Portable Ultrasonic Washing Machine for Jewelry

$ 142

Home Appliances/Cleaning Appliances/Ultrasonic Cleaners

K360HTD 6L Digital Dental Ultrasonic Bath Cleaner for Dentures

$ 180

Home Appliances/Cleaning Appliances/Ultrasonic Cleaners

K410HTD Best 10L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner for Carburetors

$ 208

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    Shenzhen Guan Yijia Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional ultrasonic cleaner China manufacturer located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province.  For 8 years, we have been supplying both small portable ultrasonic cleaners and customized large industrial ultrasonic cleaner which are OEM customized for professional cleaning in factories all over the world. 

     The small standard ultrasonic cleaners can be varied as mechanical or digital control mode, all are with volumes from 1.3 liters to 30 liters, which are mainly used for jewelries, watches, glasses, dentrues, workpiece cleaning in commercial shops, dental clinics, medical and scientific laboratory. And the other type is the industrial ultrasonic cleaner with coustomized large cleaning tank, which can used both for commercial and industrial parts cleaning. The tank sizes, ultrasonic power, frequencies can be customized according to user’s requirements. Welcome your inquiries at any time!


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