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Industry Category: Automobiles-Motorcycles/Vehicle-Equipment/Tire-Changers
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Brand: DECAR

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Technical Data

Model TC900
Rim Clamping from Outside 10"-18"
Rim Clamping from Inside 12"-21"
Max Wheel Diameter 960mm
Wheel Width 3"-12"
Operating Pressure 8-10BAR
Motor Power 0.75/1.1KW
Noise Level <75dB


Main feature 

1. The pedal has step function, which can mount the tire accurately and time saving.

2.The clamp is made of special material, strong and durable.

3.The universal switch is 40A with a pure silver touching point, it can bear great load with a long using life.

4.The mounting head is made of special steel, which is wear-resistance, unbend and unbreakable.

5.The claw, crowbar, demounting head and bead breaking shoe are optional equipped with the protective cover. this can prevent the rim from being damaged for the operation incorrectly.

6. Economical model, under the condition to meet the existing size, the body structure is compact, which can guarantee to fill 108 units in a HQ container, saving freight cost for customer.


1. More than 18 years experience in the field of garage equipment.

2. Strictly Quality control

(Decar established our own quality control team compare with other company, every product will be checked again and again before delivery according to CE standard.)

3.Reasonable price and quick delivery time

(We are the directly manufacturer of tire chaning machine and with full experience, the price is competitive and we have our big factory working house and many experience workers can ensure the delivery time)

4.OEM and ODM service.

(We have OEM for many oversea customers and we have our own ODM team can produce product on your demand accordingly)

5.Professional salesman and good service

(All of our foreign sale man have to pass the strictly professional production knowledge training before their start to communicate with customer, and we will reply your inquiring asap no later than 24 Hours.



6.Problem - solving ability.

Mistake often happen in the business. Not all the supplier have the problem – solving ability(Someone transfer the responsibility to customer, someone lack the problem – solving ability),Decar will take full responsibility of our mistake and pay for our mistake

Industry Category Automobiles-Motorcycles/Vehicle-Equipment/Tire-Changers
Product Category
Brand: DECAR