Low Factory Price Used Truck Trailer 18T heavy duty axle


Industry Category: Transportation/Trailers/Trailer-Parts
Product Category:
Brand: BST
Spec: optional

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1. The shaft tube is made of high-strength alloy steel plate and is welded by submerged arc welding and argon welding. The shaft head is made of alloy steel material, solid forged and normalized, and processed by roughing and tempering;

2. The bearing adopts domestic famous brand heavy-duty bearing, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life; the shoulder has a special tapered design and high fatigue resistance;

3, high-performance non-asbestos friction plate, camshaft and adjustment arm are all forged, reliable and durable (optional automatic adjustment arm), ductile iron wheel and gray cast iron brake drum with reference to design standards;

4. The axle assembly is designed and produced according to international standards. The model and BPW type are completely versatile, with strong interchangeability and convenient maintenance.

Industry Category Transportation/Trailers/Trailer-Parts
Product Category
Brand: BST
Spec: optional