Heavy Truck Trailer Parts Semi Trailer Lifting Axle AirBag Suspension


Industry Category: Transportation/Trailers/Trailer-Parts
Product Category:
Brand: BST
Spec: optional

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1: Specially optimized for road conditions, partially reinforced, sturdy and durable.

2: Lightweight design, under the premise of guaranteeing the rated load, relative to the air suspension of the guide arm, the single-axis self-weight is about 40 kg.

3: The main beam curve design, the internal high density is strengthened, and the impact stress is specially improved.

4: The main beam bushing adopts a specially formulated rubber compound, which is solid at the front and the back and has a hollow design to improve the comfort and reliability of the vehicle.

5: Various high-specification airbags and shock absorbers are selected to greatly improve the stability of the air suspension.

6: Provide customers with flexible and variable suspension assembly solutions

Industry Category Transportation/Trailers/Trailer-Parts
Product Category
Brand: BST
Spec: optional