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Automobiles & Motorcycles/Auto Electrical System/Auto Switches

Enerna IoTech Smart Automation Garage Door Opener Remote Access Switch Control

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Telecommunications/Communication Equipment/Wireless Networking Equipment

Enerna IoTech WiFi Smart Home Building Automation Water and Gas Valve Controller

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Baby & Children's Products/Baby & Children's Care Products/Baby Care & Bath Product

Enerna IoTech WiFi Security Smart Home Care IP Camera

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Enerna IoTech Co., Limited found in 2012, global market started from 2014. Specialized in smart home security automation systems, baby kids and elderly senior telecare guarder and relative independent testers, remote access control gate opener, cellular WiFi M2M RTU and IoT gateway, WiFi and Ethernet remote controller and wireless IoT RTU. Enerna IoTech always keep eye on clients’ market request, design new and innovative products which help them to expand new business and get better feedback. Till now, Enerna IoTech already had more than 200 different devices, sold to more than 120 countries and regions, and future will be better since many global friends and dealers’support.

Enerna IoTech focus on environmental and security monitoring solutions, stepping to leading global benchmarking enterprise. All products are manufactured under our strict quality control standards. We take great pride in providing highly reliable products to customer. Enerna IoTech growth has been advanced by customers' satisfaction and the reputation that earned by the reliability products.

Enerna IoTech providing complete solutions from detection sensors, wireless transmission to Mobile App or WEB for remote monitoring. OEM/ODM customized request supported. More than 96,000 units one year sold to more than 120 countries and regions, service for thousands of kindly overseas buyers.

Enerna IoTech is global leader wireless smart wireless/WiFi/GSM/3G/4G/Ethernet automation solutions and independent tools provider, focus on home security smart automation, baby kids elderly healthcare guarder and relative independent testers, remote monitoring and control IoT alarm gateway systems.

Enerna IoTech R&D centers specialize in networking and detect device technology and innovative the best and experienced engineers from top universities and social institute to develop new products and improve current models.

We believe our R&D, product lines, service will bring more benefit and new business chance for our partners. And there will be more and more global friends join to us.

Home Security Alarm System Smart Automation IoT Solutions
Home care and Environment Testers Access Control Gate Openers
Emergency SOS Elderly Care Guard Sensor and IoT Transducer

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