Laser grating film projection Grating film movie grating film


Industry Category: Rubber-Plastics/Plastic-Raw-Materials/TPU
Product Category:
Brand: wanban
Spec: 0.05-1mm

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Soft screen, flatness, effective control of picture distortion Designed for ultra-short throw projectors with a true gain of 0.8 No viewing angle problem, viewing angle up to 180° Up to 90% ambient light suppression rate, can be viewed in daytime or in a lighted environment Unconventional sizes can be customized, such as 88 inches, 118 inches, etc. Patented design of structural frame to ensure flatness and long service life Appearance design patent, remote control colorful LED backlight.

Industry Category Rubber-Plastics/Plastic-Raw-Materials/TPU
Product Category
Brand: wanban
Spec: 0.05-1mm