Fast Recharge 25L/Min Suction Apparatus with Battery


Industry Category: Health-Medical/Animal-Veterinary/Veterinary-Instrument
Product Category:
Brand: AngelBiss
Spec: According to Model

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Fast Recharge 25L/min Suction Apparatus with Battery

ANGELBISS Innovative Direct Plug-in Bottle System & Double anti-overflow protection system. Run 3 hours with battery. 

1. Powerful suction up to 0.07Mpa
2. Double anti-overflow protection system
3. Direct Plug-in Bottle System, only one push to take out bottle
4. 1400ml capacity suction bottle
5. Innovative filter technology which prevents penetration of micro organisms and secretion into the device
6. Only one inlet for suction hose, avoid misleading of air inlet and outlet
7. Easy clean & sterilize & user-friendly operations
8. 25L air flow options


1 Silicone suction hose Ø6mm, L=1.30m
1 Universal power cord wires
1 filter
1 Suction catheter (free)

Industry Category Health-Medical/Animal-Veterinary/Veterinary-Instrument
Product Category
Brand: AngelBiss
Spec: According to Model