ABOT Three Phase Static Voltage Stabilizer 100KVA 50 60Hz 380V 400V 415V


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Brief Introduction:

ZBW series non-contact compensated voltage regulator use high power thyristor (silicon controlled rectifier) instead of mechanical and carbon brush to control and adjust voltage, which can realize 2000KVA high capacity. Max compensation range is ±50%, efficiency is up to 99%. This type of voltage regulator is the newest regulator which has full protection functions, high reliability and adaptability, continuous working time over one hundred thousand hours without any failure.

Technical Parameters

AC input Input Voltage Range 3-phase 304V-456V
Frequency 47hz-63Hz
AC output Rated voltage 3-phase 4-wrie 380V/220V
Regulation precision ±1-5%(optional)
Waveform distortion Without additional waveform distortion(static)
Efficiency ≥98%
Response time 20-100ms
Power factor 0.8
Output Delay Stabilize voltage first, then output
Protections Overvoltage or low voltage Voltage at output phase over 10%, cutting off output or continuous steering bypass
Overload Electronic detection,cutting off output within 3 minute of overload
Missing phase Automatic cut-off
Bypass Continuous automatic bypass in case of failure
Indication Voltage LCD display for A, B, V, ∑ABC 3 phases with virtual value
Current LCD display for A, B, V, ∑ABC 3 phases with virtual value
Working Condition stabilized voltage/electric supply
Abnormal over voltage, low voltage, overload, fuse wire broken
LCD Interface intelligent operation interface, easy to set and research various parameters
Working Modes with two working modes, stabilize voltage and electric supply mode
Overload capacity 5 times of rated current for 1 second


 Product Features

Fast response

12 BMP high speed AD collection, collect 128 points for each cycle, MCU handling digital processing and calculation, quick compensation with digital module

Various adjustment modes available

simultaneous adjustment;

separate adjustment;

automatic adjustment

No waveform distortion

non-contact design, same frequency, phase lock, sine wave added compensated

Resistance to harmonic interference

effective voltage detection

Wide load range

adapted to resistive load, capacitive load, inductive load

Low operating noise


Communication interface




 Product Dimensions




Input Voltage (V)

Output Voltage(V)

Rated Output Current(A)

Size (mm) 




Industry Category Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Power-Supplies/Voltage-Regulators-Stabilizers
Product Category
Brand: ABOT

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