Back Flip Semi-trailer


Industry Category: Transportation/Trailers/Other-Trailers
Product Category:
Brand: Jintongda

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Back Flip Semi-trailer



1. The front-top and back-turning self-unloading fence semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of coal, sand, iron powder, building materials and other bulk cargo.

2. It has the advantages of large carrying capacity, low transportation cost, fast loading and unloading speed, and reducing the labor intensity of workers.

3. The bottom plate and box plate of the box body are made of high-strength steel, which is durable

4. The hydraulic lifting system adopts the world's top technical products to improve the safety of the vehicle.

5. The use of gooseneck girder reduces the center of gravity of the goods during transportation and improves the stability of the vehicle.

6. It has a broad market space and good market development prospects.

Industry Category Transportation/Trailers/Other-Trailers
Product Category
Brand: Jintongda