Zinc Alloy die casting service

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Industry Category: Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Custom-Fabrication-Services/Casting-Services
Product Category:
Brand: Oukerui
Spec: Zinc Alloy die casting service

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Zinc Alloy die casting service-Dalian Oukerui Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. Our company started in the mold industry and is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, production and transformation, covers an area of 5000m², has more than 30 sets advanced production equipment and 30 skilled employees.

We export products(Aluminum die casting parts/Zinc Alloy die casting parts)to Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries. In addition, we also provide various precision machining services. We manufacturing precision parts for Toshiba, Canon, Ryobi, Dalian Machine Tool Group and other companies for a long time.

Products service: China Aluminum die casting service, Aluminum casting manufacturer, aluminum die casting maker, Zinc Alloy die casting service, A383A380 Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Part, Aluminum die casting part, etc.

Industry Category Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Custom-Fabrication-Services/Casting-Services
Product Category
Brand: Oukerui
Spec: Zinc Alloy die casting service