Electric Vertical Axial Flow Water Pump for Urban Water Supply

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ZLB vertical axial flow pump is a new generation of small and medium-sized axial flow pump developed by our company. This pump head is low, the flow is large,this series of products has a wide spectrum,good hydraulic performance and novel structure,it is characterized by high efficiency,good cavitation performance,easy installation and maintenance;and the same time,combined with the latest information control technology,the intelligent water pump system independently developed can be configured,with automatic monitoring function,the design,manufacture,and quality of this series product meet the standard of GB/T13008”Technical condition for mixed-flow pump and axial-flow pump”



This series of products can be used for clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties close to water whose temperature of conveying medium is no more than 50℃.They are widely used in large-scale water conservancy projects, farmland irrigation,industrial conveying water,The thermal power station carries circulating water, shipyard level,urban water supply and drainage and water diversion projects


Working condition

◆  The medium:clear water,rain water,river water,sewage waste water,any of various liquids whose physicochemical properties resemble those of water

◆  Medium temperature: ≤50℃

◆  Running mode: power frequency or frequency conversion

◆Direction of rotation:from the drive end,the pump is rotated in clockwise

◆Installation:vertical single foundation,vertical double foundation



Structure advantages

1. Guide bearding

◆Standard with high quality rubber guide bearings with small friction coefficient, vibration absorption and especially suitable for axial flow pump

◆The lower guide bearing adopts lengthened structure with better length-diameter ratio, which greatly improves the stability of rotor parts;

◆Designed with enough lubricating flume,and good cooling lubrication effect

2. Outlet bending tube

◆Precision casting,reasonable radius of curvature,internal passage smooth transition,performance optimization

◆The design of the multi-rib structure increases the strength and the rigidity of the body

◆Reasonable hoisting hole design,convenient hoisting

3. Impeller chamber

◆ Precision casting,internal passage smooth transition,performance optimization

◆Half structure for easy maintenance


4. Thrust bearding unit

◆Under conventional working condition,the heat radiation rib of the outer circle radiates heat,so that the external water receiving difficulty in the field is solved

◆Under special working conditions,increase the heat radiation of the coil to ensure that the unit runs for a long time

◆Equipped with on-line vibration measurement and temperature measurement device to ensure safe running

5. Principal shaft

◆Standard steel for high strength shaft,high strength,good rigidity,high critical speed,ensure reliable operation

◆And the part matched with guide bearing and packing is provided with removable protective sleeve, with convenient maintenance

6. Impeller

◆The 3-D flow theory design and CFD computational simulation are adopted,with high efficiency and wide high-efficiency zone,and good cavitation performance

◆Independently developed hydraulic model,high efficiency area is wide

◆Adopt metal mould,precision casting





Product advantages

High-efficiency energy saving: the hydraulic model is designed by 3-D flow theory and calculated by CFD computational simulation,with the best performance in theory. Hydraulic components are made of metal mold,cast precisely guide blade mould is machined by CNC;guide blade shell and suction cone blank are cast by resin sand,solid flow channel is completely in accordance with design drawings,with efficiency higher, and wide high efficiency zone

High reliability:the design of the inlet flow channel is reasonable, the inlet water is uniform without vortex, with smooth running, the absolute concentricity o the pump shaft, and the excellent static balance of the rotor parts ensure that the pump has low vibration and low noise when running at high speed

Advanced technology:all parts using metal mold,precision casting,parts quality is reliable

Low maintenance: reasonable structure,convenient assembly and disassembly, and simple maintenance

Inventory management: reasonable inventory management,short lead time,fast delivery

Automatic monitoring: Equipped with intelligent water pump system independently developed,with automatic monitoring function

Industry Category Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Pumps
Product Category
Brand: leo