Industrial Electric Large and Medium-sized Vertical Submersible Sewage Water Pump

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It has many obvious advantage such as compact structure,no overload,high efficiency and energy saving,high reliability,high stability,anti-winding,no clogging,automatic coupling,automatic protection and automatic control,it has unique functions in transporting various kinds of sewage or insoluble solid-phase mixed liquids containing solid particles and sediment.

The design,manufacturing and quality of this series of products comply with GB/T24674”Waste submersible motor-pumps”standards,CJ/T472”Submersible sewage pump”standards,and its efficiency index reaches GB32031”Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for waste submersible motor-pumps”standards.




This series of products are mainly used to transport various types of sewage,wastewater,rainwater,or other insoluble solid phase mixed liquids containing solid particles, sediment,fiber,and so on. The products are widely used in urban sewage treatment plant drainage system,factory commercial heavily polluted wastewater discharge,residential area sewage drainage,civil air defense system drainage,hospital and hotel sewage drainage,complete auxiliary machinery drainage for hydropower station,auxiliary drainage for water conservancy pump stations,exploration,mining supporting equipment,waterworks water supply equipment, municipal engineering,construction site,subway station drainage and other industries



Working condition

◆ Outlet diameter:DN100mm-DN900mm

◆ Rated voltage:380V or 660V、3KV、6KV、10KV,etc

◆Frequency:50Hz three-phase AC power

◆ Medium temperature: ≤42℃,density≤1200kg/m3

◆pH value:within the range of 4-10

◆Volume ratio of solid phase≤5%

◆Maximum flow capacity:the diameter of the solid in the medium should not be greater

than 80% of the minimum size of the impeller passage

◆Corrosive medium requirements:The products can not be used fro pumping media that

are highly corrosive or contain strong abrasive solid particles.



Structural feature

1. Special submersible motor

The whole series of motors are of H-class insulation,temperature resistance reaching 180℃,protection level is IP68, low energy consumption,low temperature rise,and high stability,compared with ordinary motors, increase heat resistance by 60 degrees celsius, extend the life, and the wiring chamber is sealed and separated from the stator and rotor of the motor, which brings double insurance.The motor bearing adopts the auxiliary oil tank structure, which increase the bearing service life.

2. Electric pump protection system

The motor has a number of built-in warning sensors,including the leakage in the wiring chamber,,the motor cavity and the oil chamber, and the temperature rise of the bearding and the motor coil. The motor is equipped with water leakage monitoring,and the oil chamber is equipped with oil mixed water probes.There is comprehensive monitoring of motor operating conditions.

3. Impeller,volute

The products adopt three-dimensional flow theory design, CFD calculation simulation,non-blocking,non-overload design, and are of high efficiency, wide efficient range,low energy consumption, and adopt double-flow channel non-blocking impeller.The passage of the pump body is wide, so the solids are easy to pass, and the fibers are not easy o entangle. The impeller is strictly balanced to minimize vibration and maximize the life of bearings and mechanical seals.

4. Cable anti loose sealing system

The cable outlet adopts special structure,which eliminates water leakage, electricity leakage,short circuit,and stator coil burnout caused by accidental factors such as artificial pulling,broken cable jacket, and cable aging,which effectively reduces the probability of failure caused by water in the upper part of the whole machine

5. Cooling system

The motor uses four sides to contact with water or air,which greatly improves its heat dissipation capacity. The motor bearding housing is in direct contact with water or air,which enhances the heat dissipation capacity of the bearing and greatly increases the service life of the bearing.According to the water level,cooling-jacket cooling system is provided to ensure that the motor can continue to run when it breaks the surface of water

6. Sealing system

The product adopt patented structure, double sealed chamber structure,three sets of mechanical seal are used in the pump,and a buffer chamber is added.This greatly increases the reliability of the seal and completely guarantees the reliable operation of the products.The mechanical seal adopts integrated installation.

Industry Category Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Pumps
Product Category
Brand: leo