Industrial Electric High Efficiency Single Stage Double Suction Centrifugal Water Pump

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Type GSX series product is characterized by broad comprehensive performance curve,sound hydraulic performance, novel structure,high efficiency,high reliability,low net positive suction head ,and low maintenance.

The design,manufacture,and quality of this series product meet the standard of GB/T5656”Technical conditions for centrifugal pumps-Class II”and its efficiency indexes meet the standard of GB/T19762”The minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and evaluating values of energy conservation of centrifugal pump for fresh water” 



GSX series products are mainly used for transport fresh water or other liquid with similar physicochemical properties to fresh water,it can also be widely applied in water supply and drainage system or circulation cooling water system for steel,petrochemical,thermal power generation,mining,and other working conditions


Performance range

◆  Capacity:95~9000m3/h

◆  Head:6~205m

◆  Temperature:≤80℃,cooling structure will be adopted for bearing, the material of casing & cover is QT500-7≤150℃

◆  Speed:740~2970r/min

◆  Inlet diameter:125~900mm

◆  Outlet diameter:80~900mm


Structural feature


◆Superior mechanical seal,long term operation without leakage

◆Mechanical seal,strong interchangeability for universal use by non-asbestos soft packing structure and injection type packing structure

◆Stainless steel shaft sleeve for easy maintenance

◆Half packing gland,large space for packing replacement


2.Protective cover

◆Half-split structure,comply with IE standard,safe and reliable



◆Circular pressure chamber design with high efficiency

◆Double-volute pumping chamber is with balanced radial force and sound strength; bearing and seal are with small force withstanding and long service life

◆Water suction chamber is with split rib design;inlet is without vortex and noise while with stable operation and sound cavitation performance

◆The inlet and outlet water channels are coated with smooth wear-resistant coating,and water loss is small

◆Auto-correct pump cover for easy installation

◆Inlet DN≤500 for universal use by vertical and horizontal types



◆Short span and enlarged diameter design, stable operation and long service life.

◆Grease lubrication with small and medium pump,online refueling

◆Provided with online vibration and temperature measuring devices to ensure safety operation

◆Transfer high temperature liquid,employ water-cooling structure



◆Bold design,universal use for 50HZ and 60HZ pump shaft,sound rigidity, and stable operation

◆Full sealing design, no contact with liquid, and easy maintenance

◆Allow short-time inversion, common shaft for forward and reverse rotations



◆Three-dimensional flow theory design employed,CFD calculation simulation,high efficiency, high efficiency zone width, and sound cavitation performance

◆Provided with modified impeller;comprehensive performance curve is full and wide

◆Adjacent blade is with staggered design;V-shaped outlet;sound flow state;low pulse;small vibration;and high efficiency

◆Double seal ring is employed for the casing and impeller to extend service life of impeller;labyrinth seal design is employed for the impeller seal ring to reduce leakage and improve pump efficiency

◆Metal mold is employed,blank precision casting,CNC machining

Industry Category Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Pumps
Product Category
Brand: leo