Swing type goggle valve


Industry Category: Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Valves
Product Category:
Brand: SFM
Spec: F341CX-2.5

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Electric sector blind plate valve consists of left valve body, right valve body, lead lever pair, valve plate, sealing ring, lever and electric clamping device, etc., and form a strong steel structure by the base and support columns

The valve has clamping and plate turning devices. The clamping device drives left valve body and right valve body to achieve loosening, clamping action through lead lever pair and screw pair and plate device drives valve plate to complete switch action.

Electric sector blind plate valve has rubber seal ring embedded on the valve plate which enjoys features of high temperature resistance, good sealing performance, convenient maintenance and long service life, etc.

This series also has worm gear operated sector blind plate valve, hydraulic sector blind plate valve and manual sector blind plate valve, etc., Special specifications needed by users can be customized

Structure drawing of electric sector blind plate valve. Electric sector blind plate valve can be controlled by single remote control, or by multi- network remote distance control

The valve can also be manually operated by body build-in device under abnormal conditions

Industry Category Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Valves
Product Category
Brand: SFM
Spec: F341CX-2.5
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