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Brand: SFM
Spec: KF241-2.5

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The open type electric goggle valve is an open design structure with light weight and easy maintenance (sealing rubber ring replacement, electro-hydraulic device maintenance inspection, replacement, partial maintenance of valve are all done externally, do not affect normal operation of valve). Valve movement process and switching state is intuitively good. Open and close status after operation is very convenient to check and has irreplaceable advantage compared with enclosed type.      The disadvantage is that there are a small number of gas leakage and operator should pay attention to protection when opening and closing.

1. The valve body of open type gate valve adopts frame type structure,

2. Sealing pairs uses stainless steel and rubber sealing ring, seal is reliable with long service life.

3, Open type gate valve adopts spring clamping mechanism, which has good synchronicity.

4. Open type gate valve has sealing ring installed on the valve plate for easy replacement.

5. The metallurgical valve is added with water cooling mechanism, and the highest temperature can be up to 450 ℃, which is especially suitable for dry dedusting system.

6, with a variety of drive options, hydraulic, electric can achieve computer program control

The open type electric gate valve absorbs the advantages of the floating valve plate from foreign gate valves. The compression mechanism adopts the multi-purpose gear ring, gear, trapezoidal thread, lever screw pair and synchronous bidirectional compression. The advantages of synchronous compression of left and right trapezoidal thread rods are: the starting torque is small, the lever screw pair self-searching is good and seal is reliable, the plate movement adopts the pin tooth drive mechanism, ash not easy to accumulated and can satisfy usage under sever working conditions such more dust and worse lubrication.

      The valve can be allocated on the opposite side with explosion-proof control cabinet, realize field control and remote plc system connection control with distance of more than 10 meters.

According to the design of the open electric gate valve, several other types of gate valve are developed; such as open type pneumatic gate valve, enclosed type electric gate valve and so on, special requirements can also customized. The enclosed type electric gate valve is reasonable and simple in structure, easy in manufacture, low in cost and good in performance. The electric gate valve has the advantages of no blocking, no leakage, convenient repair and maintenance, good accuracy of discharge quantity, high working efficiency, long service life, and so on.

Industry Category Mechanical-Parts-Fabrication-Services/Valves
Product Category
Brand: SFM
Spec: KF241-2.5
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