GWTM-0318 Transformer Toroidal Taping Machine


Industry Category: Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Transformers
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Spec: GWTM-0318

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NAME:GWTM-0318 Transformer Toroidal Taping Machine







Tape width


Max.winding speed

200rpm coil.O.D


Tape spacing

Proportional linkage coil.I.D


Supply voltage

AC 220V(50Hz)

Max.finalcoil height


Mechanical dimensions


Controller storage capacity Programs

29 set




Special relay gear of Toroidal Taping Machine design for quick exchanging of pitch setting gears.

To increase the production volume, the main spindle belt is designed to be with lightly weight to reduce heat caused by motor spinning significantly.

Transformer Toroidal Taping Machine structure is strengthened to perform precise tapping and decrease the damage to screws.

Toroidal Taping Machine is easy to operate and maintain the machine.

Quality made in China.


High accuracy: stepper motor guarantees high accuracy

The cut surface is flat: the hot knife can heat seal the cut surface of the color ribbon and the light and thin textile belt, and the sealing is smooth and free of burrs.

The blade is made of imported high-quality steel and has a long service life.

Automatic operation: just set the length and number of cuts you need, and the rest of the work is done automatically.

Automatic pause: Once the material is used up, it will automatically stop working. Bouncer automatic alarm

Memory function: automatically store the cut length, cut quantity and cut speed before shutdown


Transformer Toroidal Taping Machine for application of insulation tape to wound coils. it is best suited to toroidal inductor, toroidal transformer, toroidal current transformer, toroidal coil, toroid choke coil, power inductors, power magnetics, UPS inductor, converter inductors, heavy toroidal core,etc.

The coil is placed by an operator on a rotating spindle, and the machine automatically applies the required number of turns of insulation tape, secures the end of the tape with a wiping action, and ejects the coil from the machine.

It's an accurately and reliability digital automatic toroid-taping machine. it is used for wraping the insulation tape on the toroidal core and windings. Automatic Toroid Transformer Coil Taping Machine is designed to operate with a wide variety of insulation tapes, including Kapton, Polyester, PEN, PVC, PPS, and most other woven and non-woven types.

Industry Category Electrical-Equipment-Supplies/Transformers
Product Category
Spec: GWTM-0318
Stock: 1000
Origin: China / Tianjin / Hexiqu