Muffler parts According to the design drawings.


Industry Category: Automobiles-Motorcycles/Auto-Electrical-System/Auto-Meter
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"1: Scope of application: buses and light buses.
Forklift truck, excavator, reprint machine, etc.2. Function principle: Muffler ((Muffler)) is a device that prevents sound transmission and allows airflow to pass through, and it is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. Muffler is a noise-reducing device installed in the air channel of aerodynamic equipment (such as blower, air compressor, boiler exhaust port, generator, water pump and other equipment with loud exhaust port noise) or in the air inlet and exhaust system. "Customize products, calculate prices according to customer's design drawings, sales volume, etc.

Industry Category Automobiles-Motorcycles/Auto-Electrical-System/Auto-Meter
Product Category
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